30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (2024)

I ended up being asked recently about the most useful apps that I’ve downloaded during my 4+ years living in the Netherlands. It took me a while to dig through my phone, but this post will be an overview of my favorite Dutch apps and some others that my friends swear by. I hope this post is helpful for any foreigners moving to the Netherlands. 😉


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  • 1 Transportation apps
    • 1.1 Google Maps
    • 1.2 9292 (for now)
    • 1.3 Reisplanner Xtra
    • 1.4 NS International
    • 1.5 Uber
    • 1.6 Schiphol
    • 1.7 Amsterdam:Taxi TCA
    • 1.8 Amsterdam: Flattire
  • 2 Language apps
    • 2.1 Translate
    • 2.2 Dutch English Dictionary
    • 2.3 SwiftKey
    • 2.4 Duolingo
  • 3 Communication Apps
    • 3.1 DigiD
    • 3.2 Whatsapp
    • 3.3 Miranda
    • 3.4 Skype or Google Hangouts
  • 4 Finance apps
    • 4.1 Bankierien/ING/Your bank’s app
    • 4.2 Tikkie
    • 4.3 Transferwise
  • 5 Calendars, Weather, and other apps
    • 5.1 Nord VPN
    • 5.2 Buienradar
    • 5.3 Buienalarm
    • 5.4 Accuweather
    • 5.5 CurrencyConverter
    • 5.6 Google Calendar
    • 5.7 Pawshake
    • 5.8 Onefit / ClassPass
  • 6 Housing
    • 6.1 Funda
    • 6.2 Kamernet
    • 6.3 Airbnb
  • 7 Eating and Entertainment
    • 7.1 PICNIC
    • 7.2 Social Deal
    • 7.3 The Fork
    • 7.4 Thuisbezorgd
    • 7.5 Deliveroo
    • 7.6 Untappd
    • 7.7 TooGoodToGo
    • 7.8 Meetup
    • 7.9 Party With
    • 7.10 Tinder
    • 7.11 Couchsurfing
    • 7.12 Uit
  • 8 Purchases
    • 8.1 Marktplaats
    • 8.2 Facebook
    • 8.3 Bol.com
    • 8.4 Booking.com
  • 9 Any other favorite Dutch apps for your phone?

Transportation apps

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (1)

Google Maps

If you are looking for more in-depth travel advice about Belgium and the Netherlands, I created a guidebook on behalf of Moon Travel about Amsterdam, Brussels, and Bruges. You can find this book on Amazon! 30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (2)30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (3)

Google Maps is one of the best apps for getting around the Netherlands or most countries. It will figure out your journey and let you know how to get there.

9292 (for now)

9292 gives real-time transit information, so if you’re tired of waiting for that bus or unsure about additional delays due to construction, you can check to see when your busshould arrive.

Reisplanner Xtra

I recently found out about this “extra” version of the Reisplanner app by NS. It has all the features, but it also does navigation. If you’re into buying cheap train tickets using NS discounts, you can (in some cases) scan in using the app. Otherwise, it’s good to keeping tabs on any issues related to the Dutch trains.

NS International

If you intend to take the NS trains internationally, this app is good at checking on the status of your tickets. I was able to put mine into the app to avoid printing them when I visited Cologne for the Christmas Markets.


I’m not a fan of Uber, but sometimes you need to take a taxi late at night from A to B. After missing the last train back to the Hague while out in Rotterdam, I ended up taking a ride back to the Hague, which was not as bad as I expected.


This handy app shows you the locations of toilets at Schiphol Airport as well as the flight status of your flight. I found it helpful for keeping tabs on my husband’s delayed flight.

Amsterdam:Taxi TCA

If you live in Amsterdam, TCA is the biggest taxi company and one of the most reliable ones. I keep their app downloaded on my phone in case I need a taxi in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam: Flattire

For Amsterdammers who bike, Flat Tire is super handy. This app allows you to pay a flat fee for a bike repairman to come to you to fix your tire. Although it’s sometimes easier finding a bike shop, you sometimes miss the hours or your bike is in an inconvenient enough location that carrying it to a nearby bike shop would be a pain…so this app is handy for this reason.

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (4)

Language apps


Google Translate is the official translation app from Google. I regularly use it and I include lots of hacks for using Google Translationoffline without data as well as cool features that you’ll want to use.

Dutch English Dictionary

Sometimes, you just can’t find the right word. This app is to help you find the right word in English or in Dutch to help you deal with those situations where translations aren’t working out…


This app is particularly helpful for those of us who need to switch between Dutch and English. It’s a pain typing in English then encountering Dutch words (or vice versa). SwiftKey can smartly switch between the two languages with a pretty keyboard that you can customize.


Duolingo is one of my favorite free language apps. I got started learning Dutch with it and I’d recommend it to anyone who is trying to get their Dutch off the ground. The facebook community for the Dutch learning community is a great resource too!

Communication Apps


This app by the Dutch governments allows you to log-in to your Digid account with two-level authentication. If you’re not familiar with Digid, Digid is used for official communication, taxes, registration, and other important paperwork from the Dutch government that is mostly online at this point.


DutchiesloveWhatsapp. This free messenger app is supposed to be more secure and you’re likely to end up in at least 2-3 Whatsapp group at different points in time. My only annoyance with it is that you need data to use it when you’re not connected to WiFi.


The idea behind this app is to quickly figure out the time difference between you and someone else in the world. With friends scattered across the world, I love this app for quickly checking if it’s a decent time where I’m calling. The slick interface is a plus!

Skype or Google Hangouts

For all of us who need to call home, Skype and Google Voice are my go-to places to make phone calls to my family. I loaded about $10 onto my Google Voice account years ago and it’s enabled me to easily call my parents on their home phone for pennies. For longer video calls, I use Skype with my husband’s parents.

Finance apps

Bankierien/ING/Your bank’s app

You’re likely to have a Dutch bank account. People are constantly sending money between their accounts although most people tend to wait until the next day to do so. I think that it’s most important to have your bank app on your phone because you might need to check your bank account balance at some point while at a store… (Many stores only take Maestro.)


A lot of restaurants and bars don’t like to split the bill. This free app is so that your friends can pay you back after you from their bar tab from the night before, dinner the day before, or just need to share the price of a trip somewhere together. If you’re unlucky, a date might ask for you to pay your half of the date afterward… You don’t need the app to pay Tikkie requests sent to you, but I find it nice for quickly figuring out the tab with friends.

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Transferwise is a free website/app that you can use to cheaply send money from the Netherlands abroad. Compared to traditional banks, they charge a fraction of the cost. I’ve had issues with my own bank losing my money in route, so I love the fact that Transferwise tracks your money at every step and quickly deposits it across the ocean.Click here to receive a discounted first transfer.

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (5)

Calendars, Weather, and other apps

Nord VPN

I recently got a VPN after realizing that I was traveling a lot–and reading about how you should protect your data while using public WiFI networks. Beyond the security aspect, I consider it a huge plus that I can switch my IP to an American IP for websites that restrict access to EU-based websites. This service is not free, but it’s certainly been worthwhile to have.


I still don’t fully get the appeal of Buienradar. The idea behind this popular Dutch weather app is a weather map. You watch it to figure out when the rain will arrive…and that’s it.


Too tired of weather maps? The idea behind Buienalarm is to check immediately how soon it will rain in the coming two hours. If you’re planning to leave work, this app is helpful for figuring out if you should leave a little early in order to beat the rain. It’s basically the same idea of Accuweather, my favorite weather app.


My favorite Dutch weather app is Accuweather. This American made app is very user-friendly and I love their Minute by Minute weather monitor. I’ve generally found it more accurate than Buienradar (as I hate studying the map) and you can quickly see if there will be a break in the rain…


If you are from outside the EU, you’re likely to need a currency converter once in a while to figure out how much things are in your home currency. This is the one that I use.

Google Calendar

People love their calendars in the Netherlands. Having a good system for remembering birthdays, appointments, coffees, and other occasions is key. I personally use Google Calendar.


If you’re a pet owner, Pawshake is a lifesaver. The idea behind this app is that you can look for dog sitters or cat sitters near you that can take care of your house while you’re on vacation. You can also bring your pets to their house if you pay more. It’s similar to Airbnb with ratings for the sitters. Services are usually in the 10-15 euro range per day for stopping by once a day for cats. I love that pet insurance is included with the cost.

Onefit / ClassPass

People into working out should definitely check out Onefit, a Dutch-born fitness subscription that allows you to enjoy classes at gyms throughout Amsterdam, the Hague, and Rotterdam for a set-price that you can pause if you’re going away. You’ve probably heard of ClassPass already. Now they’re in some cities in the Netherlands. Try to ask around for a discount code before joining!

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Funda is the main housing website for the Netherlands. While looking for housing in Amsterdam, I would check this app multiple times a day to see if there were any new listings. Not all the listings are in English, but some of the more affordable options won’t be.


If you’re primarily looking for a roommate or just a room, Kamernet might be the way to go. This app is one of the most popular ones in the Netherlands for finding roommates.


When I first moved to the Hague, we struggled to find temporary housing. I generally recommend that anyone moving to the Netherlands finds temporary housing for their first 1-2 months.

In the case of many of my friends, they were able to find an apartment at least for the first month through Airbnb. I’ve been trying to cut back on using Airbnb, but it might be a good lead on an apartment as your host might even offer you the apartment to rent for good as we were offered.

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (6)

Eating and Entertainment


Do you hate grocery shopping or do weekly meal planning? This popular food delivery app allows you to grocery shop on the app, so you don’t need to go into the store! Picnic checks prices across the Dutch supermarkets to ensure that you get the best price as a consumer. The delivery windows are small, so there’s no need to wait around endlessly for your food delivery.

Social Deal

I love Social Deal! I recently started it and it’s most similar to Groupon, however, their offers are way better for the Netherlands. I regularly find good deals for major attractions in the Netherlands, cafes, restaurants, and even hotels. If you’re planning a romantic date, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money along the way.

The Fork

The Fork is the same as Iens.NL, however if you’re searching in English, the app is called the Fork. Simply, it’s an app for restaurant reviews in the Netherlands by real people. You can also make reservations as well as find discounts for some restaurants.


Thuisbezorgd is the most popular food delivery app in the Netherlands. You can pay with non-Maestro cards, however the app is in Dutch. I find that Thuisbezorgd has the best late-night options for those nights when you realize there’s nothing in your fridge after getting back from the bar…


Deliveroo is the other big food delivery app in the Netherlands. I find that the options tend to be healthier with a bit more diversity in terms of choices beyond the typically Dutch options that you find with Thuisbezorgd. The only thing is that I find that it’s not great for late night deliveries and it’s not everywhere in the Netherlands.


30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (7)

If you’re a beer lover, Untappd is one of the best apps to download. Even if you don’t want to log your beers, I often use the app to find the best craft beer bars and craft beers whenever I’m traveling to new places in the Netherlands. The community is really nice and I’m often inspired to try out a new bar due to Untappd!

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The idea behind this app is that you can pick up leftovers from different restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets all around the Netherlands for a reasonable price. You can get amazing food for just 2-8 euros from restaurants and cafes. If if you don’t mind that you’ll need to use up the food quickly, it’s a great way to live in an eco-friendly way.


Meetup is the classic group for meeting new people in the Netherlands. Personally, I’ve found that Facebook was slightly better, however you’ll find a Meetup for everything. My husband has met several friends through different groups related to his hobbies.

Party With

A friend introduced to this one. The idea behind this app is that you can connect with party-loving people in your community, so if you’ve ever dreamed of being invited to a boozy boat ride on a privateboat down the canals in Amsterdam, this is the app for you.


I’m not on Tinder myself, but if you’re looking to date,manyof my friends have met their significant other using Tinder whether it was here or elsewhere in the world. Why not swipe right and try it out?


I haven’t used Couchsurfing so much since moving to the Netherlands, however it’s a good way to meet people if you’ve recently moved to the Netherlands and you’re open to the idea. The Amsterdam community is quite active although be warned that accommodation in the major cities is not easy to come by.


If you’re looking for upcoming events and music around the Netherlands, download this app for the latest cultural agenda.

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (8)



Marktplaats is the equivalent of Craigslist in the US or Gumtree in the UK. Simply, it’s the classifieds. I have bought quite a bit of my furniture and clothing from here. It’s a great place to look for secondhand items in the Netherlands although navigation for non-Dutch speakers can be a bit complicated. It’s definitely one of my most-used apps and the antique section is absolutely fantastic.


Facebook is the best way to find expat related groups, buy stuff off the Marketplace, and just learn about events near you. Even if you’re not into social media, a Facebook account can be helpful for the first month to getting into housing groups.


Until Amazon stages its take-over of the Netherlands, Bol is the reigning champion of online retail. I love that you can order products before 11 pm and get them the next afternoon. It’s good for last-minute gifts!


For hotels, I usually use the booking.com app to keep tabs on my bookings. I regularly use Booking in order to book hotels for little getaways in other Dutch cities. The app makes it easy to find your hotel’s address and phone number.

Any other favorite Dutch apps for your phone?

30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (9)
30+ useful Dutch apps for new expats in the Netherlands (2024)


What is the most used app in Netherlands? ›

Most Popular Apps - Top Android Apps Ranking in Netherlands
Usage RankApp and Publisher
11WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp LLC
22Google ChromeGoogle LLC
33Samsung One UI HomeSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
46 more rows

Is the Netherlands a good place for American expats? ›

The Netherlands offers expats a high quality of life, with a low crime rate and friendly locals. However, as with any foreign country, it also has its own rules, regulations, and processes, which can be difficult for expats to get used to.

What is the Dutch version of Gumtree? ›

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Marktplaats.nl (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmɑrktplaːts ˌpʏntɛnˈɛl]) is a classified advertising site based in the Netherlands, started in 1999. The word means market place in Dutch. Having been part of eBay for 16 years, it was acquired by Adevinta in July 2020.

How do expats make friends in the Netherlands? ›

Tips on How to Make Dutch Friends & Cultural Norms
  1. Be an open book. The Dutch value honesty. ...
  2. Don't diss their country. ...
  3. Be open-minded. ...
  4. Be curious. ...
  5. Contribute to Dutch society. ...
  6. Learn the language! ...
  7. Go to events and embrace common interests. ...
  8. Invite Dutchies to your house.

What social media do the Dutch use? ›

Social MediaPercentage Market Share
Social Media Stats in Netherlands - May 2024
3 more rows

Are Americans welcome in the Netherlands? ›

The Netherlands welcomed 240,000 American travelers in 2021, a decrease of 9% compared to 2020. This is almost 4% of all incoming tourists to the Netherlands (total 6,3 million). In number of visits, USA is the fourth most important country of origin for the Netherlands (after Germany, Belgium and France).

How hard is it for a US citizen to move to Netherlands? ›

As a third-country national who does not possess EU, EEA, or Swiss nationality, you will need a residence permit to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days. There are different types of visas, residence permits, and work permits depending on your employer and your specific case.

Are there any downsides to living in the Netherlands? ›

From a great work-life balance to accessible social benefits, there are a plenty of reasons to live in the Netherlands. Yet, the country comes with its disadvantages like bad weather and high cost of living. Below you can see a breakdown of the pros and cons of living in the Netherlands.

Do Dutch use Amazon? ›

Dutch customers have their own Amazon experience at Amazon.nl. This includes a new Prime programme with fast, free delivery and entertainment benefits with Prime Video and Prime Gaming.

What is Dutch called now? ›

Dutch is used as the adjective for the Netherlands, as well as the demonym.

What is a Dutch DigiD? ›

DigiD is a means of identifying yourself when accessing services online. It allows you to access and use these services securely. You can also use DigiD if you are located outside the Netherlands and to log in to organisations in other European countries.

What is the 30 rule for expats in the Netherlands? ›

The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax advantage for highly skilled employees hired abroad to work in the Netherlands. If you can meet the various conditions, your employer can pay up to 30% of your salary as a tax-free allowance for up to 60 months (or five years): 30% of your wage is tax-exempt for the first 20 months.

Where do most expats live in Netherlands? ›

Living the Dutch life: These are the best cities for expats in the Netherlands
  • Amsterdam: The roaring capital of the Netherlands. ...
  • Rotterdam: Start your Dutch life in the vibrant port city. ...
  • Utrecht: Living among the peaceful canals. ...
  • Maastricht: Living the expat life in the sunny south. ...
  • Delft: The best tech hub for expats.
Sep 19, 2023

Are expats happy in Netherlands? ›

A welcoming culture

The Dutch are known for being open-minded and accepting of different cultures, which makes it easier for expats to settle in. The country has a long history of welcoming foreigners, and you'll find that most Dutch people are happy to help you if you need assistance.

What messaging app is used in the Netherlands? ›

We asked Dutch consumers about "Most used messenger by brand" and found that "WhatsApp" takes the top spot, while "Tencent QQ" is at the other end of the ranking.

What is the most popular in Netherlands? ›

When you think of the Netherlands, your first thought is of windmills, canals, tulips, cheese and the Dutch Masters. That makes sense, as these cultural icons are world-famous and really should not be missed when visiting our country.

What is the most used search engine in the Netherlands? ›

google.com ranked number 1 and is the most visited Search Engines website in Netherlands in May 2024, followed by google.nl as the runner up, and duckduckgo.com ranking at 3rd place as the leaders of the Search Engines websites in Netherlands.

How popular is TikTok in the Netherlands? ›

Number of TikTok users in the Benelux region as of January 2024 (in millions)
CharacteristicNumer of users in millions
Feb 29, 2024


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