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"The non-Prime weapons and Warframes the Tenno use are based on the Orokin technology, however they are not genuine Orokin articles." The source that says this is from 6 years ago, has this been retconned?((Not sure how to reply to this, so writing here... The sentence itself still holds true since non prime items do not truly represent the height of Orokin tech. However, we know now that Primes as well as non-primes existed during the Orokin Era, some primes not coming before the base version. Thus, it is now wrong to conclude from the old source that the "Orokin Technology" explicitly refers to the Prime Versions themselves. Since the new knowledge changes the span of implications of the old sentence, it is a kind of retcon but not very noteworthy.))

Prime (2)

“Orokin secrets cannot remain secret forever! Start talking!”

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A Prime Warframe, weapon, Sentinel or accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era. A Prime Warframe will often have additional Polarity Slots compared to the non-Prime version, and Prime weapons will boast superior performance or other advantages against their counterparts. Due to its rarity, Prime technology is coveted throughout the Origin System.

The term Prime refers to any Weapon, Warframe, Sentinel, Archwing, or accessory made with Orokin technology. The non-Prime weapons and Warframes are based on the Orokin's designs but are not fully representative of the height of Orokin technology.[1][2] Primes frequently sport improved damage, more Polarity slots, or other stat changes that grant them an advantage over their non-Prime derivatives.

Prime Warframes are typically released in the Warframe's order of release that cycles between two male frames and two female frames. Each release is accompanied by two Prime weapons, or one Prime weapon and one Prime Companion (and their associated Prime weapon, if any) or Archwing.


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In the current era, the Tenno[3] as well as black-market arms dealers[4] are capable of imitating the success of Orokin technology in the form of the non-Prime items, resulting in slightly weaker variations. However, the Tenno were once allowed to create some Primes of their own, examples being the Prime (3)Boar[5], Prime (4)Dakra[6], and the Prime (5)Kamas[7], and such knowledge is now lost. By making use of ancient blueprints that were preserved in Void Relics, many Prime items are being reclaimed by the Tenno, the strength of their craftsmanship being realized once more[8][9]; and with the rediscovery of the Void, Orokin technology is being reverse-engineered by the Corpus and the Grineer.

There is also evidence to suggest that some Primed weaponry were upgraded versions based on existing Tenno designs, acting as improved variants thanks to the use of Orokin technology[10][11]. Some of the Prime Warframes and Prime Weapons were the original designs made for the Tenno during the Orokin Era, forming an elite Vanguard of the most powerful and dangerous warriors of the Origin System[12]. Some Warframes were Primed from the beginning, while others had to earn the status.[13][14]








Sentinel Weapon




Prime (397)

Cicada Prime Archwing Skin

Prime (404)

Filigree Prime Decoration


Prime Related

While technically not Primes, these units and items implement Orokin technology.












Main article: Corrupted



  • Using full-model replacement or non-prime skins on items capable of equipping them will completely change the item's appearance to the model used by the skin, ex. equipping the Paris Abra Skin on the Prime (628)ParisPrime will change the weapon's model to that of the normal Prime (629)Paris equipped with the skin.
    • In the case of Prime Warframes, any 'attachments' on the Prime Warframe (such as the pauldrons on Prime (630)RhinoPrime) will be preserved, but can be toggled off if need be.
      • The helmet is a separate piece and can be swapped out at will from the arsenal for any alternate helmets (including the non-Prime version, regardless of whether or not the player has the non-primed variant).
    • As of Update 19.11 (2017-02-15), the player can apply the default skin to a primed Warframe as well as toggle Prime details on or off when using a Tennogen skin other than the Prime or default skins. However, this option is not available for skins such as Deluxe skins and Voidshells.
  • Baro Ki'Teer has unique dialog when addressing players equipped with Prime gear.

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  1. WARFRAME - Primes & Prime Access
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  3. The Tenno can only re-create non-prime versions of Orokin Era technology using the Tenno Lab.
  4. "This Orokin variation of the Ankyros is superior to its successor in every way." - Prime (631)AnkyrosPrime's description. This successor, the non-prime Ankyros, is currently available in the Market. “The Operator is now connected with other Tenno in the System. --The Operator may now contact black-market scumbags-- contact arms dealers.” -Ordis, During the quest Vor's Prize
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  13. Some Warframes were Prime from the start. Others earned it. Ballas never told the whole truth. - Varzia(This quote appears to imply another quote from Ballas was to be retconned. However, Ballas has not made any statements implying that all Warframes were primed from the start.)
  14. A stately voice intoned her name. There stood Executor Ballas. He told her: "You have been battle- and loyalty-tested. Your companions, they were found wanting. They failed to adapt. Failed to overcome. And so they are no more. But you, Ivara. You shall live. You shall be remembered." - Prime (639)Ivara's Leverian

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