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UNICC has over 50 years of experience as a strategic partner for the UN system, providing trusted digital business solutions to United Nations Agencies and other related international organizations. Its mission is to maximize the shared services model and to generate economies of scale to benefit its over 90 Clients. UNICC has been the go-to strategic partner for digital business solutions for United Nations programmes, funds and entities since its inception.

UNICC offers a full range of services and solutions built upon industry best practices, international standards and documented business processes subject to a Continuous Process Improvement cycle. The unique business environment of UNICC requires a workforce that is versatile and skilled in deploying and supporting diverse technologies. It demands knowledgeable staff who are familiar with United Nations goals, ethics, regulations, business and technology environments.

Greening UNICC: Offices in Brindisi, Italy and Valencia, Spain are hosted in UN Global Service Centre facilities with environmental sustainability in the management of buildings and operations. UNICC’s data centre in Valencia is a CEEDA-certified facility, with energy savings best practices.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

UNICC offers Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services including consulting, implementation and managed services for decision, analytics and information capabilities, executed on a technology platform that supports an organization’s fact-based decision making.

Data and Analytics Common Services

UNICC offers Data and Analytics services including consulting, implementation and managed services for decision, analytics and information capabilities, executed on a technology platform that supports an organization’s fact-based decision-making.

Business Intelligence Services and Data Management

Business Intelligence (BI) services utilize a wide variety of platforms providing Client organizations with a set of tools to make appropriate and timely decisions based on meaningful information. BI also includes Data Management, which is a comprehensive collection of practices, concepts, procedures, processes and a wide range of accompanying systems that allow for an organization to gain control of its data resources.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is the set of techniques used to discover relationships, recognize complex patterns or predict current trends in your data. Its objective is to model data from internal and external variables in order to obtain useful insights that result in smarter decisions and better business results. Advanced Analytics contains prescriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, including Big Data and Analytics, Data Discovery, Data Lake and Data Storage.

Database Services

Database services are an all-in-one service including all the necessary hardware, software, hosting and support. The service is based on the database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft. It boasts of advanced features for hosting your critical databases with high performance in a secure environment. UNICC has proven experience in deploying, managing and supporting Database Service from very basic, to very complex installations with multiple environments. In addition, a package is available for managing Client’s online databases.

Data Governance Services

Data Governance services provide means for orchestrating, securing, managing and presenting data using procedures and technologies that ensure its accuracy, consistency and availability to verified users. Effective data governance enables data-driven decision-making, growth and innovation, helps organizations achieve compliance with internal and external policies, regulations and encourages IT and data teams to work more efficiently.

Data Strategy and Roadmap Services

The Data Strategy services ensure that Clients’ stakeholders, their users’ partners and external collaborators can access and utilize data for informed decisions.

AI Operations as a Service

AI Operations as a Service encompasses a comprehensive set of services, solutions and platforms leveraging generative AI technologies. This service is designed to streamline AI operations by centralizing all AI services, solutions and cloud infrastructure within a unified platform. With the expertise of UNICC AI specialists, this service aims to assist Clients in building robust data assets and models using a standardized and reusable framework. AI Operations as a Service provides technology-agnostic solutions tailored to accelerate Clients’ transition towards Gen AI approaches.

AI Cross-Product Shelf Integration Advisory

UNICC AI Advisory experts will establish an AI solution deployment strategy and develop a roadmap centered around UN Data and AI best practices, supported by the enablement of a Cloud-based technology stack. The service will offer technology-agnostic advisory support to accelerate Clients’ journey to AI approaches.

This service allows our Clients to bring together ready-to-use Cloud-based solutions, integrate with a large UN partner ecosystem, utilize accelerators to deploy AI models, and implement responsible AI design frameworks.

AI Model Maintenance and Re-training as a Service

This service provided by UNICC supports Clients with model maintenance and model performance tracking of already deployed AI environments. UNICC AI and Automation team offers support to Clients to accelerate their AI initiatives and create measurable business value through automation of data pipelines, DevOps, ML Ops, LLM ops frameworks, including GPU optimization.

AI Governance Assessment as a Service

UNICC AI experts will help identify data silos, which hinder collaboration across various units within the organization and impede data quality and the use of AI models. UNICC provides support with an AI governance roadmap to clarify roles, responsibilities, standards and policies and to ensure accountability for data assets, AI models and outcomes. The assessment determines Clients’ current position and offers a personalized report on their potential for improvement and their roadmap ahead. Also, Clients can draw on tailored insights from distinguished industry strategists.

Platform Services

UNICC offers computing platforms that allow administrators and developers to create, run and customise their application suites, including software-as-a-service components.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The Oracle and SAP ERP Managed Services provide fully managed solutions for many major products from Oracle and SAP:

  • Oracle E-Business ERP.
  • Oracle PeopleSoft ERP.
  • SAP ERP.
  • Fusion Middleware Applications/Modules.
  • Oracle database.

Enterprise Web Applications

UNICC provides a secure, high performance and high available hosting environment for web applications. Clients may select their preferred hosting environment either on Windows or Linux Servers, a preferred web server engine as well as content management system (CMS) solutions, such as Drupal, Liferay, Sitecore and many more (MS SharePoint is supported through separate Enterprise SharePoint services). Features include enterprise search engines, load balancing, clustered database back ends, hardware, software, storage, hosting support as well as backups and restore. UNICC Website Hosting comprises development, staging and production environments.

Enterprise SharePoint Services

Enterprise SharePoint services are fully managed solutions designed to leverage the platform and respond to a wide range of requirements. Accordingly, it offers a variety of subscription plans and options each one with different capabilities.

Enterprise SharePoint Online can be found under Microsoft Office 365 Management services.

Business Intelligence Platform and Support

Business Intelligence (BI) Platform and Support services are an all-in-one service including all the necessary hardware, software, hosting and support. UNICC has proven experience in deploying, managing and supporting BI platforms and data management systems from basic to very complex installations in multiple environments. A package is also available for managing Client’s online databases.

Digital Business Services

Through UNICC’s Digital Business services, organizations can modernize their processes and systems across domains, optimize resources and improve experiences for their employees and for those they serve.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services is an integral service that will help organizations in every step of their digital transformation journey for their processes, from licensing needs in Microsoft Dynamics 365, to Dynamics 365 configuration, custom development, integration, training and support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services and Power Platform

The UNICC Managed Services for Dynamics and the Power Platform, under the Dynamics Service, provides support to secure, monitor, manage and evolve environments and systems deployed in the Power Platform. UN and other international organizations can benefit from the experience, expertise and knowledge transfer that UNICC provides to all its Clients using the service.

Service Now

ServiceNow can help organizations adopt a single cloud platform across the IT services value chain. Organizations are in the midst of digital transformation and are often hindered by a complex web of legacy processes and systems.

Digital Hub of Treasury Solutions

Digital Hub of Treasury Solutions (DHoTS) provides direct and simplified access to banking mechanism and modalities to deliver cash assistance straight-through to beneficiaries at large through standardized payment rails for all payment types (disbursem*nts and collections) and various secure connectivity options.

DHoTS provides opportunities to harness collaborative approaches for Connectivity by making available direct and easy access to global financial ecosystems for the entire UN system.

Application Development Services

Service Description

UNICC’s Application Development services help Clients design, enhance and build mission-critical custom enterprise applications and collaborative solutions.

UNICC has been developing and supporting applications for a number of years, with solutions and products delivered to its Partners, including Intranet, Extranet and corporate website redesign, custom business application development, application integration, data migration, certificate exchange hubs, mobile apps and more.

Robotic Process Automation

As organizations look for ways to improve operational efficiency and integrate legacy systems with new enterprise applications and technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital enablement technology platform that predominantly leverages a combination of user interface (UI) and surface-level features to create scripts that automate routine, predictable data transcription work.


UNICC’s cybersecurity services cover governance, architecture and organizational resilience as well as a whole spectrum of operational components. UNICC is certified with ISO 27001 and is a 2020 and 2017 CSO50 information security award winner.

Governance and CISO Support

UNICC’sInformation Security Management System (ISMS) framework mitigates the risk of exposure of anorganisationto the high risk of negative reputational impact, loss of valuable information, exposure to malicious acts as well as sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Holistic resilience maturity assessment service using the ISO 27001 standard as a reference framework to determine effectiveness of the organization’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Threat Intelligence Network

This service functions to share timely, relevant and actionable physical and cybersecurity threat and incident information. This enhances the ability of the United Nations to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate risks associated with these threats.

Common Secure CSOC and CSIEM

The Common Secure Operations Centre(CSOC) involves a specialized unit that monitors, analyses, and responds to cybersecurity events using acombination of technology processes and solutions.The CSOC is staffed with skilled cybersecurity practitioners.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and services are typically part of an organizational security operations regime. They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

Phishing Simulation Services

UNICC’s phishing simulation services enable Partner Agencies to test effectiveness of their information security awarenessprogramme.

UNICC’s Information Security Specialists work with Clients to develop content and manage phishing simulation exercises.

Vulnerability Management Services

UNICC’s vulnerability management services provide continuous identification and remediation ofvulnerabilities and configuration flaws through a combination of processes and technologies that its Information Security specialists can leverage.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing consistsofactively exploiting vulnerabilities in order to prove (or disprove) real-world attack vectors against an organization’s digital assets, data, staff, and/or physical security. Such testing allows to identify weaknesses in information security controls.

Incident Response and Forensics

UNICC’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services provide well-definedand industry standardincident handling proceduresand programsforanalyzingincident-related data and for determining appropriate responses to anyorganizationalsecurity incident.

PKI Digital Identity

UNICC’s PKI digital identity services are broadly divided into three categories: internal UN system-wide PKI services for secure communications between Agencies, hosting and managing of organizational PKI infrastructures and publicly-trusted PKI services complemented with a full range of certificate types.

Infrastructure and Network Services

UNICC’sInfrastructure and Network Supportservices span across infrastructure, platform and applications from the delivery of fully managed componentsto the utilisation and analytics of tools as well as techniques.

Two Factor Authenticationenables an elevated authentication mechanism granting access after presenting twosets based on “something you know”and “something you have”. Management and support of infrastructure security components includeManaged Firewall,Network Intrusion and Detection, as well asNetwork Access Controlsystems.

TheUNICCEmail Security Serviceprovides protection against spams, viruses, phishing,DOS and DHA attacks whileContent Filteringextends the management and support of various systems for controlled access to the Internet based on organization established policies.

Information Security Awareness

UNICC offers strategic advisory services to help an organization set up a state-of-the-art, effective information security awareness strategy, an industry-leading cloud-based learning lab and communications support including deliverables with messages, bulletins, posters and portal support.

Electronic Signature Services

UNICC provides an electronic signature solution in partnership with DocuSign, with automation technology to confirm the irrefutable validity of every signature in any process workflow, backed up by a comprehensive audit trail.

Secure AuthN Services

The Secure Authentication Service provides a connection for enterprise solutions, platforms and applications to authenticate users against their own organizational identity management directory. With minimum modification (the service supports modern authentication protocols), any app can be registered to use the service.

Organizational Resilience Management

UNICC Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Planning, or Organizational Resilience Management Services, is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients seeking to improve their organizational resiliency and ability to react to events that affect critical services or functions.

Cybersecurity and Continuity Exercises (CCEx) Services

This service allows organizations to test and evaluate overall readiness and learn to properly manage threats and risks in a non-threatening environment by taking participants through simulated scenarios where a critical event occurs, forcing them to respond using current processes and practices.

Application Security Services

Application Security services provide application security testing with guidance on adding development processes and integrating security testing tools, helping to improve the quality of software development.

AppSec services follow the OWASP framework and revolve around application security testing through tools and automation including secrets scan, static code analysis, software composition analysis, and dynamic analysis, with guidance on secure coding through best practices, processes, and procedures.

Offensive Security Services

Offensive security services comprise a suite of solutions that aim to unveil vulnerabilities that cannot be found by simply running automated tools. Expert knowledge on cyber-attacks allied with industry testing frameworks ensure that Clients obtain the best results and benefit from recommendations to improve the enterprise security posture

Cloud Services

UNICC offers its Clients hosting and delivery of software applications. This includes business applications, business data as well as the underlying cloud platforms and infrastructure tailored to run the software.

Cloud Broker Services

UNICC’s Cloud Broker services support Clients in their cloud adoption process by providing fast and easy access to cloud resources, support, advice and technical expertise.

AWS Management Services

UNICC Cloud Management services provide value added options for Clients who seek to host their applications, platforms and infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services cloud. The service spectrum varies from the Clients building and operating services in AWS (via UNICC’s AWS Enterprise Agreement) to UNICC building, deploying and operating these services on behalf of the Clients.

AWS Enterprise Support Affiliation Service

The AWS Enterprise Support Affiliation Service allows Clients with either a direct agreement or through a UNICC agreement with AWS, to get the AWS Enterprise Support in a shared model.

UNICC remains as “Master AWS ES Organization,” responsible to pay the Enterprise Support bill and split the Enterprise Support costs through the Affiliates.

All AWS accounts under the ES affiliates payer account can be covered by AWS Enterprise Support. The following type of affiliates are covered by this service:

  • External ES Affiliates.
  • Internal ES Affiliates.
  • Managed ES Affiliates.

Microsoft Office 365 Management Services

Today’s cloud and mobile technologies are enabling organizations to capitalize on digital transformation and to optimize the way they operate. By taking advantage of the latest innovations, organizations can transform their way of working, gain new efficiencies by modernizing operations with new tools to empower, transform, support the workforce and improve knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure Management Services

UNICC Azure Management Services provide value added options for Clients who seek to host their applications, platforms and infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The service spectrum varies from the Clients building and operating services in Azure to UNICC building, deploying and operating these services on behalf of the Clients.

UNICC provides architecture, business analysis and application development services in conjunction with the Microsoft Azure Management Services, to build turnkey solutions for its Clients. The overall services is structured with three pillars:

  • Cost management.
  • Cloud administration.
  • Cloud deployment.

The UNICC Microsoft Azure Management Services include a full lifecycle support from inception to production, with one-time and ongoing activities as well as cost management.

Microsoft Azure AD (Entra) Management Services

UNICC Cloud Web Hosting services provide value added options for Clients who seek to host or extend their web applications into the public, UNICC-managed cloud. UNICC provides the required automation, scalability and reliability so that clients are able to focus on development.

This service is built to provide flexible cloud web hosting solutions for distinct platform and deployment control needs. By the use of latest platform technologies, coupled with controlled deployments, the UNICC Cloud Web Hosting service aims to be the Cloud Web Hosting solution when control, security and performance are of utmost importance.

All major Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions and programming languages are supported. Also, all required high performance components and deployment options are included in this service. The different product packages offer the required flexibility to run small to highly demanding websites based on client requirements.

Cloud Web Hosting

Go-to cloud web hosting solutions provide control, security and performance. UNICC offers the required automation, scalability and reliability so that clients are able to focus on development. All major Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions and programming languages are supported.

Network and Infrastructure Services

UNICC provides computing infrastructure resources that allow administrators and engineers to easily manage networking, data centres and infrastructure elements for their business needs and application stack.

Servers and Enterprise Server Support

Includes a wide range of computing service packages ranging from fully managed virtual server instances to the hosting and management of Client-dedicated physical/virtual frameworks.

  • vServers
  • Enterprise Server Support
  • The hosting and provisioning
  • VMware Support

Storage on Demand and Management

UNICC Storage on Demand services are fully managed pay-as-you-go storage services offered to Clients in High-end and Mid-range arrays over Storage Area Networks (SAN) and TCP/IP Networks. With host-allocated 3 PB of online storage, the service builds upon highly scalable and secure, enterprise class storage solutions and data management systems to servers hosted at UNICC data centres.

Enterprise Backup

Enterprise Backup services offer a fully managed and scalable backup, restore and backup archiving solution. The service builds on a fully redundant EMC Avamar, a scalable all-in-one (hardware and software) disk-based backup/recovery solution supporting backup and recovery for a large number of operating systems and applications. The solution is using global deduplication algorithm at the source resulting in optimal LAN/WAN network bandwidth utilization as well as backup job time. EMC Avamar supports integration with virtual infrastructures (VMware and Hyper-V) which allows backup/recovery of complete virtual machines as well as granular restores of single files from an image.

Data Centre Consolidation Services

UNICC Data Centre Consolidation Services (DCCS) is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients data centre / technical equipment rooms. The service provides on-premises management, consolidation, as well as migration and decommissioning services.

Network Services

UNICC provides a wide range of network services. The services leverage on well-proven designs, up-to-date technology stacks and best practices including configuration and change management processes. These services include the management, maintenance and monitoring of Switching and Routing Infrastructure, Wireless Access, Web Proxy, WAN Optimization, Load Balancing & Application Delivery Controllers, as well as IP Address Management to ensure networks are available, secure, nimble and responsive to performance and capacity demands.

Internet and Connectivity Services

UNICC offers a variety of internet and connectivity services allowing Clients flexibility, efficiency and value added components. These services are fully managed either from UNICC’s premises or in conjunction with reliable third party vendors complemented with UNICC’s competencies. The secure, shared Internet Access Service is offered from highly redundant infrastructure complemented with firewalls and caching components. DNS Hosting & Domain Registration services is a fully managed 2nd Level DNS system while FTP Protcol Service allows Clients to store/retrieve files in a secure environment.

Operations as a Service (OaaS)

Operations as a Service (OaaS) is a comprehensive IT service model that allows UNICC’s Clients and Partner Organizations to delegate the management, monitoring and optimization and ongoing operations of their IT infrastructure and systems hosted in their Data Centres to a dedicated team of experts. This allows UNICC’s Clients and Partner Organizations to focus on their core activities while ensuring the efficient functioning of their IT environment.

OaaS is adaptable to organizations with varying levels of maturity and complexity. It is structured to progressively reduce total operational cost as improvements and recommendations are implemented, thereby enhancing the overall maturity level of the infrastructure over time.

The following areas are covered by OaaS:

  • Networking Infrastructure.
  • Server Virtualization Infrastructure.
  • Backup Infrastructure.
  • Storage Infrastructure.
  • Servers and Operating Systems.
  • DNS and Active Directory.
  • Patch and Update Management.
  • IT Compliance.

Service Desk Assessment

Service Desk Assessments provide an in-depth analysis of the current Level 1 support services being provided, including the maturity of the support team, the process and procedures in place, documentation and report analysis to discover gaps and potential risks.

Partners can attain the benefits from a Service Desk Assessment which will contain a detailed executive report and recommendation on how to improve the services, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the service, to further improve the value of your customer service.

Additional Services

UNICC offers additional services in the areas of consulting (strategic advisory services and subject matter expertise), IT advisory firm services, change management, training and learning, digital business communications, project management, monitoring and environmental resilience and sustainability services.

UNICC Consulting Services

In order to provide reliable and secure services, UNICC has developed strong advisory support across a wide array of technologies. UNICC has acquired this expertise over time through a solid recruitment programme focusing on specific skills that are essential for UNICC to meet its service requirements.

Clients facing complex challenges or undertaking ambitious initiatives can leverage UNICC’s expertise, experience and methodologies in a number of strategic and subject matter area consulting capacities.

  • Strategic consulting – UNICC provides high-level strategic consulting services comprising advisory towards Client Senior Management in the areas of IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Design, IT Cost Management, Innovation as well as Risk Management with the aim of positioning organizations to align themselves with their business mandates while exploiting the advances in technology to best effect.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting – UNICC offers specific subject matter advice across the technology landscape. From enterprise architecture and risk management to Business Process Mapping, project management, cloud-computing roadmaps, UNICC has a wide range of customisable knowledge in various subjects as per Client needs. UNICC can rapidly assemble the right team of experts to define a proposition tailored to Client or Partner Organization requirements.

IT Advisory Firms Services

UNICC provides cost-efficient and volume-discounted packages for industry research groups, including 451 Research, Cutter Consortium, Forrester, IDC Research, Info-Tech and McLean & Company advisory firm services. These groups provide excellent research and development as well as industry trend analysis to drive technology strategic governance and project planning, acting as arbiters between organizations and outside service providers.

Change Management Services

Change Management services provide and enable critical components for successful transition of people, processes, systems and culture in enterprise-wide transformations. This encompasses the structure and vision for the transformation from technology-oriented operations to business-oriented services.

Learning Services

UNICC Learning Services provides an array of bundled, shared and custom learning services for solutions that best fit Client needs, covering the entire spectrum from strategic planning to administration, with volume discounts, meeting Client demand in convenient geographical locations, including ad-hoc eLearning solutions and subscription to eLearning platforms:

  • Learning Consultancy.
  • Shared and Custom-made Learning Service.
  • Custom-made Learning Service.
  • Learning Officer as a Service.
  • eLearning Service.
  • UN Digital Academy.

For more details, see UNICC Learning Services Catalogue.

Communications Services

UNICC offers communications services including advisory services, information/content design and delivery, campaign channel management, website content management, crisis communications, social media support, technical writing, editing, translations, event planning, photography and multimedia (video, audio, animations) campaigns, collateral and creative marketing design (templates, documents, posters, presentations, etc.) as well as e-learning and information security awareness support.

Project Management Services

Speed, efficiency and agility are critical to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital knowledge-based economy. To achieve these, organizations need constant innovation with the consistent application of defined Portfolio, Program and Project processes along with efficient resource planning and utilization. UNICC’s Project Management Services (PMS) offer Clients an opportunity to tailor or build the required “tools and processes” to align strategic investments with corporate goals, thereby maximizing the ability to yield the highest return, with efficiency and transparency.

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) supports monitoring Client’s end-to-end or component infrastructures by using a common pool of knowledge, resources, tools and systems. The service collects and aggregates near real-time data from a Client’s IT infrastructure to generate alerts of unplanned downtime as well as resource saturation. In addition to complementing a Client’s availability, capacity and event management framework, monitoring makes operational practices auditable that can be useful for determining the root cause of errors.

MaaS collects, observes and analyses infrastructure data, sampled from selected Configuration Items, also providing historical data to help root cause analysis and capacity management.

The configuration of alerts, including levels of criticality, is based on threshold parameters set to the Client’s requirements. As part of the regular service review with the Client, threshold values are tuned to minimize false positives or false negatives. Offered as per level and per configuration items (CI), the service includes data retained for one year and standard reporting.

Environmental Resilience and Sustainability Services

UNICC’s Environmental Resilience and Sustainability Services are a comprehensive management and support system for Clients seeking to improve their organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS). The goal of this service is to help the organization institute an EMS by:

  • Promoting corporate sustainability (environmental, social and governance).
  • Building and adopt a net-zero emissions business model.
  • Minimising the environmental impact.
  • Gathering, monitoring and analyzing environmental data.
  • Increasing informed decision making.
  • Enhancing/maintaining a favourable public image and reputation.

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) provides comprehensive services to manage and secure all endpoint management solutions to ensure the security, efficiency and reliability to the organization.

The UEM Service is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management, security, and optimization of an organization’s endpoint devices. Endpoint devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets play a crucial role in modern workplaces, and efficient management is essential to ensure productivity, security and compliance. This service offers a centralized platform to monitor, control and maintain these devices, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing risks.

For more information on UNICC services see our UNICC Services Overview, UNICC Services Booklet or contact a Business Relationship Manager at [emailprotected].

UNICC Digital Services

UNICC Overview
Services Overview - UNICC (2024)


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