[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (2024)

Looking through the current roster of frames to choose from in 2023 has proven to be quite the task and that’s not even counting the Prime and Umbra versions that exist for the majority of those frames. Standing at an astounding 54 Warframes, the game has more options than it ever did before. And choosing the right frame for the job can be fairly overwhelming especially if you’re just starting out.Keeping the viability of mods that can practically make any Warframe work for any given task in mind. Here is a brief but concise list of the top 10 best space ninja options currently in the game and what each of them is best at! And yes, we’re keeping it non-biased so these are not in any particular order.

10. Wisp

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Wisp is a Jack of All Trades in a way. Having an equally diverse and practical skill set as a frame like Excalibur but taking it up a notch. In my opinion having put thousands of hours into the game, Wisp is as close as it gets to a genuinely useful all-rounder even in the end-game.

Her first ability summons these little 'Reservoirs' that act like stations for her motes. She can pick up the motes herself or share them with her buddies. Just tap to choose the mote you want, and hold to drop the reservoir. You got 'Haste Motes' for speed boosts, 'Vitality Motes' that amp up health and provide healing, and 'Stun Motes' that knock enemies out. She can have up to six reservoirs at once and a variety of motes, so you can set up multiple supply spots for convenience.

Wisp is all about being nimble and sneaky. Her second ability, 'Wil-o-Wisp', sends out a ghostly image of herself that turns enemies into confused Storm Troopers. Tap again, and boom, she teleports to that spot. Hold it down, and the ghost moves faster, and when you release, Wisp teleports right to it. You can use this ability to mess with enemy movement or zip around the place like lightning. And guess what? When she's airborne, she's totally invisible. Extra sneaky!

Now, let's talk damage. Wisp's third ability, 'Breach Surge', opens up a gaping rift that overwhelms enemies. If those guys get hit, they release these Surge sparks that fry up other foes. If you target a reservoir with this ability, Wisp teleports right to it, and the surge's range doubles. Plus, if you combine it with 'Wil-o-Wisp', you can trigger a surge at the ghost's location. Talk about doubling it and giving it to the next person.

And the grand finale? Wisp's 'Sol Gate' ability, where she opens up a portal to the literal sun and unleashes a mind-blowing beam of fire and radiation damage. That stuff is seriously potent, let me tell you. The longer an enemy gets roasted in the beam, the more vulnerable they become. Oh, and if you hold the ability, it cranks up the damage, but be ready for the energy cost and try your best to counter that with your mods.

What Wisp is Best At:

  • Dealing out massive damage

Abilities like “Breach Surge” and even more so “Sol Gate” take care of all your DPS needs.

  • Optimal Team Support

Wisp’s first ability “Reservoirs” is a perfect example of team support, with “motes” that can provide your team with health, speed as well as stunning enemies in an AoE

  • Avoiding Damage

“Wil-O-Wisp” Provides enemies with a distraction in the form of a clone that guarantees her going by unnoticed.

How to get Wisp:

Wisp’s Blueprint, Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems are all acquired from the Ropalyst Assassination (Jupiter).

Wisps’ Specs:

  • Armor: 175
  • Energy: 200
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 75

9. Titania

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Warframes are all about being crazy agile, sliding, jumping, and gliding their way through the game's terrain. But here's the deal: Titania takes it up a notch by rocking an archwing in any mission. Her fourth ability, 'Razorwing,' is where the real magic happens. She shrinks down, takes flight, and summons these wicked razorflies that go all out on the enemy. Being smaller means she's extra hard to hit, and her flying skills let her breeze through tough obstacles like a champ. Oh, and here's the kicker: she can use all her other abilities while in this mode, so there's zero downside to staying in it if you've got the energy.

Now, let's talk damage. When Titania goes full 'Razorwing' mode, she gets access to her badass exalted arch-guns called 'Dex Pixia' and her arch-melee weapon called 'Diwata'. The guns are the go-to choice because her tiny size limits the melee range, but here's the cool part—the mods you've got on the melee also boost the power of Titania's razorflies. So it's totally worth investing in both. And don't forget about her third ability, 'Lantern'—it summons even more razorflies and transforms an enemy into a floating beacon, screwing up their day big time. They become bait for other enemies, and if you charge the ability, they go kaboom! Now that's explosive fun. Oh, and her first ability, 'Spellbind,' lifts groups of enemies into the air, disabling them and making nearby allies immune to status effects. And guess what? That sweet protection also applies to Titania when you hold down the ability.

Last but not least, there's her second ability, 'Tribute,' which is like Titania's way of stealing buffs from enemies. Just tap to cycle through the options and hold to snatch it. The enemies caught in the web of 'Spellbind' are prime targets for this trick. Titania's got four choices: 'Thorn' reduces enemy damage, 'Dust' messes with their accuracy, 'Full Moon' pumps up the damage of her razorflies and trusty companions, and 'Entangle' slows enemies down. And hey, any survivors are left weak and begging for mercy, easy pickings for our fairy queen.

That's the lowdown on Titania, my friend. She's got style, she's got flight, and she's got those razorflies doing her bidding. So go out there, wreak some havoc, and show 'em what a true flying badass can do!

What Titania is Best At:

  • Spy Missions:

It’s extremely easy to avoid being detected when you’re small and can fly virtually through the whole mission.

  • Maroo’s Ayatan Sculpture Missions:

These obstacle courses tend to be a breeze flying through them with Titania than any other frame. Pretty much free Endo.

  • Corpus Gas City Tiles:

Titania’s flight makes those a lot easier to deal with, especially the Ropolyst fight.

How to Get Titania:

Titania’s parts are acquired from The Silver Grove quest. Subsequently they can be bought by Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 standing for the Blueprints and 25,000 standing for the Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems each.

Titania’s Specs:

  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 150
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 100

8. Nekros

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Nekros takes major inspiration from the wicked necromancer archetype, with his abilities all about raising the dead. Brace yourself for some bone-chilling awesomeness! His 'Soul Punch' hits so hard that it turns souls into projectiles, while 'Terrify' sends enemies running scared. And get this—he can even build his own personal army by resurrecting fallen foes with 'Shadows of the Dead'. Talk about having some seriously loyal minions, right? Oh, and let's not forget his passive ability. Just being near a dying enemy gives him a little health boost. How cool is that?

But here's the real game-changer: Nekros's third ability, 'Desecrate'. This ability is the reason why he's a top pick on this list.

You see, in Warframe, you gotta build stuff to unlock all the weapons, frames, and companions. And to build them, you need components. Now, the grind to gather those components can be a real pain. But fear not! 'Desecrate' comes to the rescue. It makes your life—and the lives of your teammates—a whole lot easier. How? By making every enemy within range drop an additional loot item. And get this—these drops aren't affected by the regular drop table. It's like a bonus chance to snag those rare drops, like toroids and rarer mods. Plus, here's a pro tip: if you combine 'Desecrate' with slash damage, you'll get even more body parts to loot from. Talk about making a fortune!

The best part? Nekros is the only frame in the entire game that can affect drops without any mods. And the best-best part? It's super easy to use. Just activate the ability, sit back, and let the loot rain down upon you.

So, if you're all about maximizing your loot and making the grind a breeze, Nekros is your go-to Warframe. Get ready to unleash the power of undeath and watch the spoils of victory pile up.

What Nekros Is Best At:

  • Backing up your teammates:

Using “Shadow Of The Dead” to raise dead enemies is a sure way of taking the pressure off you


Using “Desecrate” to double the loot off enemies and increasing the chance of rarer drops

  • Excavation and Survival Missions

“Desecrate” comes in clutch dropping you more life, and power support cells

How To Get Nekros:

Nekros’ Blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 100,000 credits. His Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems are all dropped by Lephantis Assassination on Maganacidium (Deimos)

Nekros’ Specs:

  • Armor: 125
  • Energy: 125
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 150

7. Saryn

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (4)

Saryn, the second frame that totally deserves a spot on this list because of her insane damage output. Now, remember Mesa? She's all about unleashing bursts of damage to every enemy in sight. Well, Saryn takes a different approach. She's all about spreading that status-based damage, especially when enemies are bunched up together. It's all about those contagious pox.

First things first, we've got her ability called 'Spore'. Saryn hits a target, infecting it with a corrosive pox that spreads to nearby enemies when the infected ones bite the dust. And here's the kicker—the damage of those spores keeps getting nastier as they continue to spread. It's like watching a glorious domino effect of doom! And when things really hit the fan, Saryn pulls out the big guns with her fourth ability, 'Miasma'. This bad boy unleashes viral damage on every enemy within range, and trust me, it hits even harder if they're already infected with those spores. It's an explosive frenzy of destruction.

Now, here's the deal with Saryn. She's always on the move, hunting for fresh victims to infect. The more, the merrier! Her third ability, 'Toxic Lash', amps up her attacks with some toxic damage. It's doubly effective when she's swinging her melee weapons, and it even pops those pesky spores instantly, spreading the mayhem even faster. It's all about that constant flitting around the battlefield, spreading chaos wherever she goes.

And hey, if things start looking hairy and you need a quick getaway, Saryn's got your back with her second ability, 'Molt'. It creates a decoy to distract the enemies while giving Saryn a speed boost for a slick escape. Talk about playing tricks on those poor suckers.

And let's not forget her passive ability. It makes status effects stick around 25% longer. That's right, Saryn is a master of keeping those nasty effects lingering, making her the ultimate disease-spreading menace.

So, if you're all about wrecking havoc, infecting enemies left and right, and watching the world burn in beautiful chaos, Saryn is the frame for you. Get ready to be the ultimate spreader of doom and have a blast watching the dominos fall!

What Saryn is Best At:

  • Taking Down Armored Enemies

Her corrosive damage eats through all kinds of armor

  • Spreading Stat effects in an AoE

Through “Miasma” and “Spore”

  • Sanctuary Onslaught Missions

Her spores can spread extra fast in this environment as enemies often spawn packed up

How To Get Saryn:

Saryn’s Blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 35,000 credits. Her Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems are all dropped by Kela De Thaym Assassination on Merrow (Sedna)

Saryn’s Specs:

  • Armor: 300
  • Energy: 200
  • Health: 125
  • Shields: 100

6. Mesa

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (5)

Mesa, the ultimate gunslinger of Warframe. She's got those exalted dual pistols called the Regulators, and boy, does she know how to use them with deadly accuracy and lightning-fast speed. If you're itching to clear out a room full of enemies in the blink of an eye, then her fourth ability, 'Peacemaker', is your golden ticket. Just activate it, hold down that trigger, and watch Mesa unleash a storm of bullets upon every poor sap in her reticle. It's like a wild west shootout on steroids! Oh, and here's the kicker—the longer she stays in this mode, the narrower her focus becomes, packing even more punch. So, for those efficiency freaks out there, don't forget to toggle the ability off and on for maximum enemy annihilation.

Mesa's other abilities work hand-in-hand with her gunslinging madness. Check out 'Ballistic Battery'. It's like storing up gun damage for a rainy day. Activate it once, then unleash all that stored power with a single shot. It's perfect for focusing the insane damage output of 'Peacemaker' on a single unfortunate target. Talk about bringing the pain!

Then we've got 'Shooting Gallery', an ability that's a real team player. It not only boosts the damage of your allies, but it also jams enemy guns and leaves melee attackers dazed and confused. It's like being a one-woman support crew, keeping your buddies in the fight while messing with your enemies' heads. And don't forget about 'Shatter Shield'. This bad boy creates a barrier around Mesa that reflects bullets and nullifies those pesky status effects. It's like having your very own force field while you perch up high, enjoying the best view of the battlefield. Talk about staying safe and stylish!

So, if you're ready to embrace your inner gunslinger and rain bullets upon your enemies, Mesa is the gal for you. Get those Regulators blazing, watch the bodies drop, and revel in the chaos of the Wild West.

Saddle up, partner. Mesa's in town, and she's ready to turn the battlefield into her very own shooting gallery. Let the mayhem begin!

What Mesa is Best At:

  • Defense and Mobile Defense Missions

Mesa is pretty immobile while in “Peacemaker” but that’s not much of a dilemma if all your enemies are honing in on one location

  • Mass damage taking out large volumes of enemies quickly
  • Making Sidearms More Viable

Her passive ability makes dual pistols deal our more DPS and reload faster

How To Get Mesa:

Mesa’s Blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 30,000 credits. Her Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems are all dropped by Mutalist Alad V Assassination. To access this fight, you need to craft Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Keys, awarded by the Patient Zero quest and the boss unlocked by the Jordas Precept quest.

Mesa’s Specs:

  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 100
  • Health: 125
  • Shields: 75

5. Ocatvia

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (6)

Octavia, the masterful bard of Warframe, wields the power of music to confound her enemies and uplift her allies in the heat of battle. With her exceptional abilities, she orchestrates chaos and harmony in equal measure.

Her first ability, 'Mallet', erects a resilient barrier that not only absorbs enemy fire but also inflicts devastating damage upon those foolish enough to challenge it. The more aggression directed towards the Mallet, the more formidable its counterattack becomes. This strategic maneuver effectively obstructs enemy advancements, forcing them to divert their attention and face the consequences.

But Octavia's musical prowess doesn't end there. Enter her second ability, 'Resonator', which introduces an enchanting ball that beckons foes, luring them into a futile chase. When combined with the resonating power of the Mallet, it becomes a roving force of destruction, confounding and dispersing the ranks of the enemy.

When it comes to support, Octavia's innate ability grants her and her allies a modest energy regeneration, a valuable boon for a frame focused on utilizing her abilities to the fullest. 'Metronome', her third ability, bestows a passive armor bonus and empowers Octavia and her allies when they synchronize their actions to the rhythm it sets. Well-timed jumps offer increased swiftness, crouches veil them in stealth, weapon fire grants enhanced multishot, and each swing of a melee weapon becomes imbued with amplified damage. Such flexibility allows every member of the squad to tailor their buffs according to their needs and playstyle.

But the crescendo of Octavia's symphony lies in her fourth ability, 'Amp'. It harnesses the harmonious cacophony generated by her own abilities and the collective symphony of gunfire and warfare, transforming it into a formidable damage amplification. As an added boon, it magnifies the range and potency of her Mallets, enveloping the battlefield in a storm of sonic devastation.

Let it be known that Octavia's unique gift extends beyond her warframe itself. Within her arsenal screen lies the Mandachord, a powerful tool that allows you to compose your very own musical masterpiece. This creative outlet not only adds a personal touch but also influences the volume and rhythm of Octavia's abilities, molding the battlefield to your desired tempo.

And should the sensory overload become overwhelming, fear not, for you have the option to adjust the Mandachord's volume or rely on visual cues, enabling you to navigate the chaos with precision.

So, embrace the symphony of war, for Octavia stands as the conductor, weaving harmonies of destruction and bolstering her allies with resounding power. Step onto the battlefield, and let your enemies tremble at the might of your melodic prowess.

What Octavia is Best at:

  • Sick Raves
  • Boosting your Teammates Stats
  • Taking the pressure off by distracting enemies

How To Get Octavia:

Octavia’s Blueprint and the Mandachord are acquired from the Octavia’s Anthem quest, and subsequently bought from Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 and 25,000 standing respectively. Her Neuroptics are acquired from Rotation C of Terrorem Survival (Deimos). Her Chassis is acquired from the Music Puzzle (Lua). Her Systems are acquired from the A Rotation Cache of Plato Crossfire Exterminate (Lua).

Octavia’s Specs:

  • Armor: 150
  • Energy: 150
  • Shields: 75
  • Health: 100

4. Nidus

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (7)

Nidus draws inspiration from the formidable Infestation faction, embodying their resilience and indomitable nature. While other Warframes boast impressive defenses like invulnerability, Nidus takes a different approach, relying on his unique resource, mutation stacks, to endure. This sets him apart, requiring less reliance on energy management and offering sustained survivability.

The key to Nidus' resilience lies in his ability to accumulate up to 100 mutation stacks. When on the brink of death, Nidus can expend these stacks to restore himself to half health and gain a few precious moments of invulnerability. Additionally, his third ability, 'Parasitic Link,' establishes a symbiotic connection with allies, augmenting both their damage output and Nidus' own. Alternatively, Nidus can establish a link with enemies, sharing the burden of incoming damage, mitigating its impact. Notably, Nidus boasts impressive base stats in terms of armor and health, compensating for his lack of shields, while benefiting from passive health regeneration over time.

To accumulate mutation stacks, Nidus utilizes his first and second abilities. 'Virulence' projects a line of fungal growth, damaging enemies and draining their energy. The potency of this attack increases with every five enemies struck, often yielding more energy than it consumes, making it a formidable opening move. Each enemy hit with 'Virulence' contributes a fraction of a mutation stack, further bolstering Nidus' resilience. 'Larva,' his second ability, spawns a pod that ensnares nearby enemies, facilitating concentrated attacks on clustered groups. If an enemy trapped within the pod is slain, there is a chance they will contribute a portion of a mutation stack.

Nidus' fourth ability, 'Ravenous,' taps into his mutation stacks to spawn ravenous maggots that attach themselves to enemies, inflicting sustained damage over time. When struck by 'Virulence,' the maggots erupt, dealing blast damage. The strength of these maggots is directly tied to the number of mutation stacks accumulated, and with each enemy hit upon bursting, they grant a fraction of a stack. This synergy allows Nidus to maintain a formidable offensive presence while preserving his own longevity.

In the realm of survivability and endurance, Nidus stands tall, harnessing the power of mutation stacks to weather any storm and emerge victorious.

What Nidus Is Best At:

  • Surviving and Tanking Damage

Nidus barely needs resources to survive against large volumes of enemies

  • Nightmare Mode Missions

Nidus has no shields that can be affected while carrying the Decaying Dragon Key

How To Get Nidus:

Nidus’ Blueprint is acquired from The Glast Gambit quest, and subsequently bought from Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 standing. His Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems are all dropped from Rotation C for Infested Salvage on Oestrus (Eris).

Nidus’ Specs:

  • Armor: 300
  • Energy: 100
  • Shields: 0
  • Health: 150

3. Trinity

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (8)

Trinity excels as a dedicated healer, but her gameplay goes beyond mere support. Although her 'Well of Life' ability may seem underwhelming, offering minimal health gains upon targeting and damaging an enemy, the rest of her arsenal solidifies her status as the ultimate support frame. 'Energy Vampire' turns a chosen adversary into an energy reservoir, gradually supplying the entire team with much-needed energy or instantly replenishing it upon the enemy's demise. With precise timing, a squad accompanied by Trinity never experiences energy droughts, making her an invaluable asset to any group composition.

But wait, there's more. 'Link' not only nullifies incoming damage but redirects it towards the tethered enemy, even transferring harmful status effects. Meanwhile, 'Blessing' restores health and shields to all allies within affinity range, ensuring their sustained survivability. Furthermore, Trinity's passive ability enables her to revive fallen comrades 25% faster, allowing her to swiftly restore the battle-ready potential of any fallen teammate. The combination of these abilities makes Trinity not only impervious herself but also a beacon of vitality, empowering her team to unleash chaos with unparalleled efficiency.

What Trinity Is Best At:

  • Playing With A Companion

Her abilities affect pets

  • Support

Heals, Provides Energy, and Mitigates damage for the whole team

  • Rescue and Syndicate Missions

Trinity heals Operatives, Lures, and Drones

How To Get Trinity:

Trinity’s Blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 25,000 credits. Her Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems are all dropped by Ambulas Assassination on Hades (Pluto)

Trinity’s Specs:

  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 150
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 100

2. Revenant

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (9)

Revenant is a Warframe that excels at turning enemies into thralls and using them to his advantage. His first ability, 'Enthrall', converts enemies into thralls who damage and control their former allies. These thralls remain under Revenant's control until the ability duration ends. When enthralled enemies are killed, they become damaging pillars of light, further aiding Revenant in battle.

His second ability, 'Mesmer Skin', redirects attacks aimed at Revenant and stuns the attacking enemies. This ability also allows Revenant to instantly convert stunned enemies into thralls without consuming energy, making the conversion process easier.

'Reave', Revenant's third ability, enables him to dash through enemies, leeching their health and shields. Using this ability on thralls restores charges of 'Mesmer Skin' and enhances Revenant's leeching effect, making it easier to dispatch enemies while replenishing his defensive capabilities.

Revenant's ultimate ability, 'Danse Macabre', unleashes a devastating barrage of energy beams that adapt their damage type to the enemy. While in this mode, incoming damage is redirected to the beams, providing both offensive and defensive benefits. Holding the fire button enhances the damage and status effects at the cost of energy. Additionally, the beams can detonate pillars of light created by dead thralls, synergizing with 'Enthrall' for even greater effectiveness.

Revenant's passive ability causes a damaging shockwave that knocks back enemies every time his shields are depleted, providing an additional source of damage and defense.

Overall, Revenant is a formidable Warframe that excels at crowd control, enemy manipulation, and dealing devastating damage.

What Revenant is Best At:

  • Taking Down Enemies Across Multiple Factions
  • Boosting your team while reducing the volume of enemies

How to get Revenant:

Revenant’s Blueprint is acquired from the Mask of the Revenant quest, and subsequently bought from Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 standing. His Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems are acquired from Plains of Eidolon Bounties.

Revenant Specs:

  • Armor: 125
  • Energy: 125
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 225

1. Ivara

[Top 10] Warframe Best Warframes And How To Get Them (10)

Ivara, a consummate archer and skilled tracker, adeptly employs the arts of stealth and her formidable exalted bow, known as 'Artemis', to devastating effect. Through her fourth ability, she summons the ethereal bow, granting her an inexhaustible supply of arrows for its duration.

Displaying remarkable precision, her second ability, 'Navigator', allows her to manipulate the trajectory of her most recent projectile, ensuring an unerring strike. This extraordinary control over projectiles enables her to tactically engage enemies from unexpected angles, leveraging cover and corners to her advantage. Such tactical prowess is complemented by her innate radar-like passive, which sensitizes her to the presence of nearby adversaries, revealing their positions on the mini-map.

Imbued with a knack for covert operations, Ivara's third ability, 'Prowl', renders her imperceptible while active, albeit at the cost of significantly reduced movement speed. Nonetheless, this limitation can be partially circumvented by deftly rolling and utilizing zip-lines, which remain unaffected by the deceleration. Consequently, Ivara emerges as a preeminent choice for those seeking stealthy approaches, despite the attendant decrease in swiftness.

The true brilliance of this ability, however, shines when engaged in the art of hunting, as it confers unrivaled concealment while lying in wait for the opportune moment to capture elusive prey.

Her versatile first ability, 'Quiver', bestows upon Ivara the capacity to select from an arsenal of four distinct arrows, which can be precisely deployed by tapping and releasing, while holding the ability key. Furthermore, in the formidable grip of 'Artemis Bow' mode, Ivara can employ her quiver arrows through an alternate fire mechanism.

The arrow named 'Cloak' weaves a modest sphere of invisibility, enveloping Ivara and her allies, providing them with a haven to replenish their energy between deployments of 'Prowl'.

'Dashwire', on the other hand, conjures a taut zipline, facilitating Ivara's seamless traversal while maintaining her concealed state during 'Prowl'. Lastly, 'Noise' emits a subtle auditory disturbance at a specified location, artfully luring the attention of unsuspecting adversaries to either create a diversion as she gracefully bypasses them or entice them into her lethal firing


Among her repertoire, the 'Sleep' arrow emerges as a supremely potent tool, inducing a state of slumber upon a designated target, effectively incapacitating them and rendering them susceptible to merciless coup de grâce. This artful maneuver not only neutralizes threats but also presents a compelling alternative to conventional tranquilizer weaponry during hunts, allowing Ivara to harness the full extent of her 'Prowl' and 'Navigator' abilities while maintaining lethal efficacy.

What Ivara Is Best At:

  • Hunting

Ivara’s Stealth as well as sleep arrows guarantee a perfect capture every time

  • Leveling-up Gear

Using Stealth kills is the perfect way to get additional ranks on your gear

  • Sneakiness

Ivara can essentially remain unseen with no energy limitation with the right build

How To Get Ivara:

Ivara’s Components are all acquired from Rotation C of Spy missions, with different difficulties dropping different parts. The Blueprint can be acquired from Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sedna and the Sabmir Cloud (Veil Proxima) Empyrean mission. The Neuroptics are acquired from Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sedna and the Peregrine Axis (Pluto Proxima) Empyrean mission. The Chassis is acquired from Ceres, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, Lua, or the Brom Cluster (Neptune Proxima) Empyrean mission. The Systems are acquired from Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Phobos, and the Orvin-Haarc (Venus Proxima) Empyrean mission

Ivara’s Specs:

  • Armor: 125
  • Energy: 200
  • Health: 75
  • Shields: 150

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What is the strongest Warframe in Warframe? ›

If you want to become virtually unkillable while siphoning the life force of your enemies, look no further than Revenant. This Warframe has arguably the strongest defensive skill in the entire game through Mesmer Skin, making you immune to a set number of attacks.

What's the best Prime Warframe to get? ›

Saryn (and Saryn Prime) - Arguably, it is the only frame that has been consistently worthy of S-tier since its release. It has one of the best-scaling area DPS skills with spores and becomes among the most versatile gun-buffing frames with its Augment.

Who is the best Warframe to start with? ›

A Guide to the Best Warframes For Beginners – Making Your First Choice Seems Scary, It Doesn't Have to Be!
  • Excalibur. Excalibur is, surprisingly enough, a Warframe based around a sword. ...
  • Rhino. Rhino is more or less what you would expect. ...
  • Volt. ...
  • Loki. ...
  • Atlas.

Who is the best Warframe in Warframe 2024? ›

Best Warframes 2024 C Tier
  • Mirage.
  • Volt.
  • Khora.
  • Voidrig.
  • Mesa.
  • Octavia.
  • Saryn.
  • Wisp.
Jan 19, 2024

Who is the strongest frame? ›

Chroma is objectively the strongest frame in the game, his codex entry even specifically says he will be the last one remaining. "This is Chroma, an ancient legend, master of the elements. When all the land is in ruins, Tenno, only Chroma will remain. "

What is the hardest Warframe to play? ›

To answer your question, hardest warframes to farm are Equinox, Harrow and Ivara, tho from them only Ivara is really newbie friendly while Equinox is newbie friendly against low lvl enemies and takes knowledge to bring her to high tiers.

Are prime Warframes more powerful? ›

Primes frequently sport improved damage, more Polarity slots, or other stat changes that grant them an advantage over their non-Prime derivatives. Prime Warframes are typically released in the Warframe's order of release that cycles between two male frames and two female frames.

Are primes stronger in Warframe? ›

so, if you want to reach the top mastery, then yes, you will need prime frames/weapons. Primes are basicly just slightly better versions of weapons and warframes, however just using items called "forma" on them will make them much better.

Which Warframe is the fastest? ›

Gauss has the highest potential speed, Titania is the best for practical use.

Who was the first prime Warframe? ›

The long-lost Excalibur Prime was the first Prime Warframe. However, the shielded Frost Prime was the first one that Tenno could actually craft! (Or receive as a reward from the Fusion MOA Event.) Mag Prime followed that same year!

Who is the 50th Warframe? ›

Styanax is the 50th unique Warframe to be released.

Who is the 51st Warframe? ›

Hollowframe - Voruna: the 51st warframe in my Hollow Knight x Warframe fanart (+ group and full group wallpaper updates!) : r/HollowKnight.

What is the most powerful primary in Warframe? ›

This ensures that the Incarnon weapons on the list are best-in-class, and it gives players who dislike Incarnons some powerful endgame alternatives.
  1. 1 Torid. The Kuva Nukor's Big Brother.
  2. 2 Latron Prime. DMR Turned Grenade Launcher. ...
  3. 3 Felarx. ...
  4. 4 Cedo. ...
  5. 5 Burston Prime. ...
  6. 6 Kuva Tonkor. ...
  7. 7 Tenet Arca Plasmor. ...
  8. 8 Fulmin Prime. ...
Feb 19, 2024

What is the strongest status in Warframe? ›

In general, Viral is the strongest damage type. It has massive damage multipliers against flesh and has the strongest status effect in the game, multiplying all damage dealt to the target's HP.


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