A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (2024)

A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (1)

Milwaukee is set to release new safety footwear later this year, and we at ITS are extremely excited about it, to say the least. In this article, we will be going over the new footwear and exploring all the information currently available.

We’re expecting to see FlexTred hit shelves around May 2024, and ArmourTred following around September. These dates are subject to change but we will update this article with any further info.

What do we know so far about Milwaukee’s New Footwear?

On Milwaukee’s website, we can see that Milwaukee plans on releasing both a lightweight breathable, and leather waterproof safety trainer/boot range.

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“From agile safety trainers designed for comfortable all-day wear to heavy-duty safety boots tailored for the toughest applications, the brand new MILWAUKEE® footwear range provides unmatched performance across all trades.”


As far as we can tell Milwaukee will be releasing 9x new boots/trainers. Those Boots & Trainers are then broken up into 2 ranges.

FlexTredwhich is split into 2 different safety ratings.

ArmourTredalso features 2 different safety ratings.

All that said, Milwaukee has made sure to create a range of boots that caters to every user. Whether you need high-quality protection boots, lightweight all-day wearers, or something in between Milwaukee has you covered. Here’s the breakdown:

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What is Flextred™ And What Is Included?

Milwaukee’s new lightweight & metal-free Safety Trainer/Boot range. FlexTred boots are all about keeping you comfy and safe, especially for folks out there working in the heat like roofers.

One of the main selling points of FlexTred is it flexibility of the shoes. The sole is incredibly flexible, allowing you to work whilst kneeling/crouching without pinching like some traditional leather boots.

These lightweight boots still offer enough protection while keeping you flexible and nimble without having to compromise on durability, so much so that Milwaukee will be offering these with a “lifetime” guarantee”

FlexTred features 5 pairs of work shoes to choose from, split into 2 different sillhouttes. Each style has its perks but they all feature the following patented designs;

  • ENERGY FOAM Heel(using new technology within the sole, the safety mid sole is sandwiched between energy absorbing foam so you no longer have to deal with those metal edges)
  • STEP-RELEASE™ Heel(on the back of the shoe a small plate that allows you to step on and remove your shoes with ease, stopping you from breaking the backs of the shoes)
  • ROLLCAGE™ Heel(the red part of the heel, which is made of a tougher material improving stability around the ankle and providing extra support)

The Flextrend™ are a sleek red and black colourway with an appearance that is unlike any other work boots on the market. If you’re looking to turn heads these are going to be all the hype onsite for a while.

FlexTred™ S1PS Trainers / Work Boots

The FXT S1PS work shoes are lightweight trainers with a textile upper that provides ventilation for your feet. If that’s not enough they have a handy lace pocket for storing your laces away eliminating slip/trip hazards. They also carry ESD (electrostatic discharge certification) and are safety-rated EN ISO 20345:2022 S1PS ESD FO SR.


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A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (5)

FlexTred™ S3S Trainers / Work Boots

The FXT S3S work shoes and trainers are also lightweight and metal-free but instead of a breathable textile upper, they feature a Nubuck water repellent leather upper, the advantage is that nuback leather is water, dust, and dirt resistant. In terms of site safety, the S3S are a direct upgrade to the SP1S boasting an EN ISO 20345:2022 S3S ESD SC FO SR rating. They are also the only shoe in the range to come in the old-school, iconic tan work boot colourway.


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A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (7)


A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (8)
A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (9)

What is ArmourtRed™ And What is Included?

Milwaukee’s new ArmourTred Safety Trainer/Boot range offers four pairs of heavy-duty work boots. As implied by the name, ArmourTred prioritises protection, evident in their use of durable materials.

Milwaukee has considered convenience from multiple angles in their boot design, evident in the inclusion of a “pull loop” at the back of all ArmourTred shoes. This loop is generously sized, allowing for easy gripping even when wearing gloves, facilitating effortless shoe donning.

One notable difference is the sole of the boot, which features a heavy tread increasing the grip and providing better protection to the bottom of the foot. That paired with the tougher full grain leather results in a sturdy hard wearing range of footwear.

The Boots also feature many of the same key features as FlexTred, but when it comes to safety features they outperform with upgrades such as;

  • SHOCKSHIELD front hammer(steel plating for added protection and rubber reinforced outsole with strong studs for the best grip in demanding terrain)
  • Heat Resistance – (up to 300°C)
  • Ladder Grip Soles – (Making it easier to grip onto and climb ladders safely)

The ArmourTred shoes feature a similar colourway to the Flextreds, a cool black and red design. The range features more high tops than FlexTred, providing ankle protection and also uses materials such as leather to provide higher levels of protection. For one, both S7S boots feature Sympatex® waterproof membrane, helping the boots stay dry.

ArmourTred™ S3S Trainers / Work Boots

The AMT S3S trainers/boots are heavy-duty boots made with full-grain cow leather, making them incredibly water-resistant, dust resistant and easy to clean. These trainers/boots also feature superior grip bottoms which helps prevent slipping

Not only that but they also feature an increased scuff cap size, this increased size covers more of your toes helping with protection and durability. This bumps up their safety rating to EN ISO 20345:2022 S3S ESD HRO SC FO LG SR.


A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (10)


A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (11)

ArmourTred™ S7S Trainers / Work Boots

The AMT S7S trainers/boots are heavy-duty boots designed for protection and hold the highest safety rating: EN ISO 20345:2022 S7S CI HRO SC FO LG SR. Similar to the ArmourTred S3S, they are water-resistant. However, there are notable differences between the two shoes.

The BM110111W also has a unique fastening system called BOA® Fit which allows you to “tie your shoes” without laces, turn the dial to fastenen and unfasten the boots, simple stuff.


A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (13)

I don’t know about you, but when I need a new pair of work boots, I’ll be looking at these again. They’re looking pretty darn tempting. It’ll be interesting to see how the release rolls out, but if they get it right I think we’ll see a wave of black and red footwear popping up on sites all over the country.

If we find out any more information & when we get these in stock I’ll be updating this article with more details.

What are your thoughts about Milwaukee’s new work boots? Let us know below!

Milwaukee’s Patented Features Infographic

A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (14)

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What is Milwaukee Energy Foam?

Energy Foam is Milwaukee’s heel cushioning construction designed to dissipate energy creating a comfortable and efficient working environment.

What is Milwaukee ShockShield?

Shockshield is a front hammer added to Milwaukee ArmourTred & FlexTred footwear to increase protection.

What is Milwaukee Step-Release?

Step-release is a special design feature where the shoe’s back has a small lip. This lip lets you step on it, making it simpler to remove your shoe without using your hands.

What is Milwaukee BOA® Fit System?

BOA® Fit is Milwaukee’s lace-free technology for fastening footwear. Just twist the dial at the shoe’s lip to tighten or loosen your boots effortlessly.

What is Milwaukee ROLLCAGE™?

ROLLCAGE™ is a heel stabiliser that makes it easier to balance on rough terrain.

What is Milwaukee Sympatex®?

Sympatex® is a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry when wearing your work boots.

What’s The Difference Between ArmourTred and FlexTred?

Milwaukee FlexTred is a Metal-free safety trainer, using a “flexible” breathable material whilst still providing the protection needed for on-site safety. Milwaukee ArmourTred are high-demand work boots that provide maximum protection and waterproofing.

What Sizes Are Milwaukee FlexTred Available In?

FlexTred will be available in Size 3-13 UK, (36-48 EU)

What Sizes Are Milwaukee ArmourTred Available In?

ArmourTred will be available in Size 6-13 UK, (39-48 EU)

A First Look at The New Milwaukee Boots Coming 2024 | ITS Hub (2024)


Does Milwaukee make a work boot? ›

Explore the Exciting Range of Milwaukee Work Boots | Best Work Footwear. Discover Milwaukee's new range of work boots, including heavy-duty Armatred Ones for winter and flexible Flex Tread for summer. Stay tuned for top-quality, durable boots that offer comfort and safety.

How do you break in Met guard boots? ›

Walk, sit and do whatever else you might do normally at home with your new work boots on. Start with just 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing them. Wearing a pair of non-broken-in work boots for a full shift at work can be a very uncomfortable experience.

Is Milwaukee tools owned by Home Depot? ›

Milwaukee Tool was last sold in 2005 for $626.6 million to the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries, also known as TTI Group. The company is now a subsidiary of TTI Group alongside brands like AEG, Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Vax.

Is it hard to drive with work boots? ›

Don't Drive in Work Boots or Hiking Boots

This can lead to miscalculations when adjusting speed. Work boots and hiking boots also tend to be wider than other footwear, making it difficult to apply pressure on one pedal without touching the other.

How many hours does it take to break in boots? ›

High quality leather boots are made with very thick leather, so they will take time to break in. Normal break in time on these types of boots is an estimated 80-120 hours of active wear. That is about 2-3 weeks of full time active wear before these are fully broken in.

Does mink oil help break in boots? ›

Next bonus tip – if you have a spot that needs a little extra encouragement, put a little mink oil or other conditioner to loosen it up. We suggest not oiling the quarter of the boot at first to keep the ankles firm and not stretchy. And that's about it.

Do you wear socks with work boots? ›

Safety boots: The importance of socks

Wearing the right socks with safety boots can add an extra layer of warmth in cold environments, and help feet to breathe in the warmer weather. As well as keeping the feet at a comfortable temperature, they will also add extra comfort and protection against rubbing or chaffing.

How tight should new work boots be? ›

Work boots are not supposed to be tight in the sense of causing discomfort or restricting movement. They should fit snugly, providing support and stability without constricting the feet. Remember, the right fit is essential for comfort, safety, and the longevity of your boots.

How do work boots work? ›

Work boots are made with materials that resist impact, static, moisture and chemicals so they last longer than regular shoes. Work boots will often have soles that are slip-resistant and are made to stand up to impact.

Where should your big toe be in a boot? ›

Generally speaking, there should be about one finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Another way to check this is to slip a finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe.

Should you buy work boots a size smaller? ›

Your toes should have about half an inch of room in front of them so your toes aren't completely pressed against the front of your boots, but they shouldn't slide forward as you walk and hit the front of the toecap. Having too large boots can also increase your risk of tripping and can be clumsy to work in.

What work boots are made in Wisconsin? ›

Thorogood Story

As an employee-owned company in Wisconsin, Thorogood® takes pride in building high-quality, job-fitted footwear designed for hard-working people around the world. Shift by shift for 130 years, we've been building shoes to work hard and to always work.

What is the difference between a cowboy boot and a work boot? ›

That's because traditional cowboy boots are designed for riding and work boots are usually designed to provide stability, support, and protection on terra firma, rather than in a stirrup. Take a closer look. Cowboy boots have smooth leather soles and pointed toes—all the easier to slip into a stirrup.

What does OSHA say about work boots? ›

Your employer requires that the safety-toe footwear must be worn at all times regardless of the presence of a hazard; must have a leather upper; must have oil resistant and non-skid soles, and must comply with ASTM 2413-05 with a impact resistance rating of 75 and an compression resistance rating of 75.

Why is there a work boot shortage? ›

Due to the high prices of gasoline and a shortage of workers, there have been major delays in the distribution of raw materials to factories, the transporting and unloading of finished products at warehouses and distribution centers, and even in the shipments of products to retailers.


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