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19 hoursBoostJuvenile Axolotls - Leucistic £15AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedAs seen in photo - Eggs Hatched early February. Very active and happily feeding on frozen bloodworm now. Collection only but will deliver if local.richard c.Bournemouth311 hoursBoostAxolotl cuties£20AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedI have mixed batch of axolotls leucistic and wild type. Hatched out on the 18th feb. All eating well. Will not post. Can deliver locally. CLAIRE W.ID verifiedWellingborough216 hoursBoostBreeding pair of axolotl £30AxolotlAge: 2 yearsMixedHi I am selling my beautiful pair of axolotl golden albinos they are feeding on worms tank dose not come with this sale is just the 2 axolotls tommy h.Warrington17116 hoursBoostBeautiful Floofy Baby Axolotls *SEE DESCRIPTION*£15AxolotlAge: 13 weeksMixedI have various baby axolotls for sale, available to take home right away! They’ve all been lovingly raised at home by myself, and I’ve been enjoying watching their little personalities develop! They NICOLE P.Plymouth

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432 daysAxolotl Leucistic Albino 13 - 14cm long£35AxolotlAge: 12 weeksMixedI have 2 Leucistic Albino Axolotls for sale. They are too young to know the sex of them just yet. They range from 13 - 14cm long. Please do your own research and familiarise yourself on how to takeSally M.Sidcup645 daysMixed Colours Axolotls for Sale £40AxolotlAge: 1 weekMixedMy friend owns three axolotl‘s and they have recently laid eggs. I am currently looking after them. The mother is albino and the two possible fathers are wild-type and one of them has golden specs oTAHNEE K.Nottingham46 daysBaby axolotls£0AxolotlMixed*Please read tank requirements before enquiring* I recently rescued a ton of extra baby Axolotls, some have missing limbs but they are now growing back All healthy Mainly wilds but a couple of leucistLauren O.Crewe71 weekAxolotl looking for new home £50AxolotlAge: 3 yearsMaleWe are looking to rehome our lovely Axolotl. We are moving abroad and it wont be possible to move him that far sadly. He’s very relaxed and playful, low maintenance, 3 years old and comes with full sAgnes S.Shepperton21 weekJuvenile Axolotls £40AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedI have some Juvenile Axolotls left that are available from a pairing of 2 of my much loved pets. Mum is a dirty Luecistic and Dad is a Melanoid. Hets are known. All are eating cut up dendrobaena wormsDANIELLE W.ID verifiedBathgate31 weekBaby Axolotls£5AxolotlAge: 13 weeksMixed11 week old baby Axolotls. Bred by my own pair. This was an accidental clutch which I’ve raised. Mixed colours of lucistic (white with black eyes) and wild colour (mottled brown and black). Eating bloWesley G.High Wycombe81 weekTwo Axolotls for sale with tank and full set up£150AxolotlMaleA pair of adult axolotls for sale aged about 4years, black female, pinky one male. Includes tank, plants, filters, light etc and pellets.Tank width 30cm,height 46cm,length 81cm. Entertaining pets For Demelza V.Weymouth21 weekLeucistic Axolotl with full set up£40AxolotlAge: 2 yearsMale2 year old axolotl with full set up. Feeds well on earth worms or bloodworms. Can deliver locally. Carrie L.Kettering261 weekAxolotls for sale£35AxolotlAge: 6 monthsMixedAxolotl x5 adults and young available tank 16” x 16” x 10” aqua one light night and day filter pump Inc . £75 complete set up with young one as pictured adults available at £35 each proven pair £100 ISamantha G.Dunstable51 weekAxolotl Wildtypes Rotherham £15AxolotlAge: 9 monthsMixedSTILL FOR SALE. We have 9 beautiful Wildtype axolotls ready for their forever homes. They are all eating bloodworms happily from tweezers and have beautiful big external gills. They are also hilariouLaura H.Rotherham811 weekAxolotl Leucistic albino 9cm-10cm£30AxolotlAge: 14 weeksMixedAxolotl 9-10cm Leucistic albino Please conduct your own thorough research before purchasing and familiarise yourself with caring for these Axo. Collection only NO REFUNDS Location South East LonNA P.Welling31 week3 months axolotls in different colors£40AxolotlAge: 3 monthsMixed20 Home bred axolotls are already for new homes. Strong dad and mum can be viewed. Pink, golden and wild type color available. Size 2-4 inches. Those 2 inches in length are £30 each. Others £40 eDorothy L.Solihull421 weekBaby Axalotls For Sale COLLECTION ONLY £20AxolotlAge: 5 monthsMixedI have mixed baby axalotls for sale Albino golden Albino Lucy's Dark wilds Light wilds These are for collection only Can be put into pairs but sex is not identified until months down the line Kimberley N.Frizington182 weeksAxolotls £25AxolotlAge: 5 monthsMixedWild types for sale approximately 5 months old. Currently feeding on blood worms and earth worms. Currently ready to go to forever loving homes. Can offer a discount on multiple sales. Lyndsey L.Sunderland52 weeksAxolotl - Male - with set up. £100AxolotlMaleMy son was gift a axolotl that isn't even a year old. We upgraded his tank and filters etc when we got him. But I'm currently 7 months pregnant and don't know where to start with it all or have the tAMY H.ID verifiedBilston62 weeksStunning baby axolotls £30AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedDescription: Hi I have some really special axolotl babies for sale First of all please so some research on their needs. Before I can sell them I need to be happy they will be looked after correctly.JAMES D.ID verifiedBedford

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Axolotl reptiles for sale | Pets4Homes (2024)


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