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  • Oct 6, 2022 · 4, according to MaxPreps. They allowed 25 total shots in their first 13 games, after giving up 41 all of last year. Chattos, the center back ...

  • New Albany coach Marissa Weldon attributes another strong defensive season to much more than having two seniors starting on the back line and another in goal.

Field Hockey: Aggressive defense sets tone for New Albany

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Maxpreps Field Hockey (2024)


Why has field hockey been somewhat slow to catch on at the highschool level? ›

It has been somewhat slow to become popular at the high school and college level because of the expensive special equipment required. origin, the sport has been around for centuries; in fact, it is one of the oldest known sports. By the late nineteenth century, hockey began to be played in English schools.

What is the method of making short passes in field hockey? ›

Push Passes

It is used from beginning youth players through Olympic athletes. Push passes are great for short controlled distances. When making a push pass your hands should be in typical field hockey grip with the left hand at the top of the stick and the right hand mid way down the stick.

What is a scoop a dodge in field hockey? ›

scoop. allows the player to scoop the ball far enough off the ground to clear the opponents stick. dodge. avoiding/escaping a opponent while the player continues with the ball.

What's the number of minutes in a half in field hockey? ›

A field hockey match consists of two halves, usually 35 minutes each, and begins with a pass back (a non-defended pass from one teammate to another at mid-field). There are 11 players to a side, one of whom is a goalkeeper. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposition.

Why field hockey is the hardest sport? ›

Physical toughness

Hockey players are required to be fit, fast, strong, powerful, agile and perform many sprints throughout the game, often with little time to recover between each. Add this to the fact that the synthetic astroturf that hockey is played on is not as forgiving as other surfaces.

What is the best way to train for field hockey? ›

Every workout should also include:

1) A light warm up: 5 minutes of jogging/walking & dynamic Stretching 2) Cool Down: light jog or walk followed by dynamic stretching 3) Stick work and Ball Control - Please use proper techniques! 4) Schedule workout during the cooler parts of the day.

What is filthy in hockey? ›

Filthy: another term for a great deke or pass, like "dirty"

What is a sweeper in field hockey? ›

Sometimes coaches will have a single fullback play close to their own goal. They are called a sweeper and are considered an extra defense since they will stay back behind the other fullbacks near the goalie. Their job is the same as a fullback, to defend an opposing forward and keep the ball away from the goal box.

What is bully in hockey? ›

In the context of sports, the term "bully" is used in field hockey. A "bully" is a method of restarting play after a stoppage in the game, typically due to a minor foul or infringement. It involves two opposing players facing each other with their sticks on the ground and the ball placed between them.

What can't you do in field hockey? ›

The player should attempt to play the ball -- not hit, hook, hold, or interfere with an opponent's stick. Undercutting, or raising the ball dangerously. Charging, pushing, tripping, or personally handling an opponent. Deliberately hitting the ball into an opponent.

What is not allowed in field hockey? ›

What is considered a foul in Olympic field hockey? A player is not allowed to: Shield or obstruct the ball from an opponent with the body or stick. All players must have an equal chance to gain control of the ball as it is dribbled or passed down the field.

What is the most common injury reported for field hockey? ›

The lower limb is the most common area to be injured in field hockey, with ankle sprains representing the most common injury type, followed by knee injuries. The second most common area to be injured in field hockey is the upper limb, specifically the hand.

Why is hockey becoming less popular? ›

In conclusion , Hockey is not as popular as other sports because of the regional differences in the United States, from the issue of where hockey must be played, how much it costs, and how hard it is to play.

Do you need to be fast to play field hockey? ›

Before designing an effective fitness program, it's crucial to analyse the specific physical demands of field hockey. The game requires players to engage in sudden bursts of sprinting, rapid changes in direction, explosive jumps, and quick bursts of acceleration.

What sport is harder field hockey or soccer? ›

Soccer is a longer timed game, almost double to a field hockey game but bending down and the movements of field hockey can make it harder to play for extended periods of time. Field hockey has different hits, skills such as air dibbling, maneuvers, and more – so for the winner for skill most would say field hockey.

Is field hockey one of the hardest sports? ›

Football is a very skill-based, touch sport, and field hockey is perhaps the most difficult of sports to master all the skills involved. This is brought about because the aerial ball in field hockey is a very difficult skill to master when having just started playing.


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