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Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. engages in the provision of healthcare and retail pharmacy services. It operates through the following segments: United States Retail Pharmacy, International, and United States Healthcare. The US Retail Pharmacy segment includes the operation of retail drugstores, health and wellness services, specialty and home delivery pharmacy services, and equity method investment. The International segment offers pharmacy-led health and beauty retail businesses outside the US and the pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution business in Germany. The US Healthcare segment delivers improved health outcomes and lower costs for payors and providers through owned and partnered assets. The company was founded by Charles R. Walgreen and John Boot in 1909 and is headquartered in Deerfield, IL.

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Today 3:59am ET QQQ ETF Update, 5/28/2024 by TipRanks May 24 6:17am ET QQQ ETF Update, 5/24/2024 by TipRanks May 22 5:45pm ET Cencora to repurchase $400M in shares from Walgreens Boots Alliance by TipRanks May 22 5:40pm ET Walgreens Boots Alliance sells shares of Cencora for $400M by TipRanks May 19 7:36am ET Ex-Dividend Date Nearing for These 10 Stocks – Week of May 20, 2024 by TipRanks May 16 4:08am ET Hold Rating on Walgreens Boots Alliance Amid Potential Sale of Boots Segment and Financial Implications by TipRanks May 15 8:10am ET Walgreens brand Naloxone available online and in stores in May by TipRanks May 14 7:26am ET TD Cowen Reaffirms Their Buy Rating on Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) by TipRanks May 13 9:57am ET Walgreens working with advisers on Boots sale, Bloomberg reports by TipRanks May 13 9:55am ET Early notable gainers among liquid option names on May 13th by TipRanks May 13 9:54am ET Walgreens jumps 6% to $18.29 after Bloomberg report of Boots sale process by TipRanks May 13 9:54am ET Walgreens contacts potential buyers of Boots chain, Bloomberg says by TipRanks May 01 5:12pm ET Walgreens Boots Alliance Nears Shareholder Suit Settlement by TipRanks May 01 12:45pm ET CVS Health downgraded to Market Perform from Outperform at Leerink by TipRanks Apr 24 9:05am ET DoorDash, Walgreens Boots Alliance announce collaboration to offer SNAP/EBT by TipRanks Apr 17 5:10am ET Analysts Offer Insights on Healthcare Companies: Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Ocular Therapeutix (OCUL) and Elevance Health (ELV) by TipRanks Apr 15 7:20am ET Analysts Offer Insights on Healthcare Companies: Bausch Health Companies (BHC), Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) and Evolent Health (EVH) by TipRanks Apr 12 12:33pm ET Walgreens Boots Alliance participates in a conference call with JPMorgan by TipRanks Apr 08 5:49am ET Buy Rating Affirmed for Walgreens Amid Strategic Financial Restructuring and Management Optimism by TipRanks Apr 03 3:31pm ET Walgreens disclosed $2.7B tax liability from IRS, says UBS by TipRanks Apr 03 9:16am ET Walgreens Boots Alliance price target lowered to $22 from $23 at Deutsche Bank by TipRanks Apr 03 7:28am ET Walgreens Boots Alliance price target lowered to $35 from $37 at TD Cowen by TipRanks Apr 02 6:26am ET Walgreens Stock (NASDAQ:WBA): Tax Concerns Overblown, Says Analyst by TipRanks Apr 01 7:21am ET Truist Financial Sticks to Its Hold Rating for Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) by TipRanks Apr 01 3:40am ET Analysts Offer Insights on Healthcare Companies: OptimizeRx (OPRX), Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) and Kodiak Sciences (KOD) by TipRanks Mar 31 4:09pm ET Walgreens Boots Alliance price target lowered to $20 from $21 at Morgan Stanley by TipRanks Mar 30 5:02am ET Analysts Have Conflicting Sentiments on These Healthcare Companies: Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), DiaSorin S.p.A. (GB:0GZX) and Novozymes (GB:0Q4U) by TipRanks Mar 28 6:27pm ET Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO: We’re focused on improving front end of the store by TipRanks Mar 28 5:13pm ET Walgreens Announces Executive Leadership Transition and Consultancy by TipRanks Mar 28 9:41am ET Unusually active option classes on open March 28th by TipRanks Mar 28 8:07am ET WBA Earnings: Walgreens Tanks on Narrowed Outlook by TipRanks

May 24 12:15pm ET Women in Clinical Trials: 5 Quotes To Inspire Action by Accesswire May 24 9:40am ET Walgreens Announces Winners for 2024 Expressions Challenge During Mental Health Awareness Month by Accesswire May 13 1:35pm ET Walgreens Partners With Dion’s Chicago Dream To Enable a Healthier Community Through Its Foundation by Accesswire May 10 9:15am ET Walgreens Launches Gene and Cell Services as Part of Newly Integrated Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Business by Accesswire May 09 9:15am ET DoorDash and Walgreens Launch Unprecedented Access for SNAP Customers by Accesswire May 08 9:45am ET A 24-Year Career of Supporting Women by Accesswire May 02 11:45am ET Walgreens and Boehringer Ingelheim Are Partnering to Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials by Accesswire Apr 16 10:45am ET Walgreens Boots Alliance's Progress in Sustainable Packaging by Accesswire Apr 09 10:45am ET Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Integrated Approach to Medication Adherence by Accesswire Apr 02 10:45am ET Walgreens Boots Alliance Advances Global Health Equity Through Collaborative Partnerships by Accesswire

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__symbol__ Stock Quote Price and Forecast | CNN (2024)


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