Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (2024)

In Warframe, there are 53 playable warriors/characters in the game. They are also called frames, and each one of them comes with unique abilities based on a particular theme. Not all of these characters are the absolute best when it comes to doing PvE missions alone or with a team. This is why we have curated the Warframe tier list to rank all frames based on their overall performance in the game.

Key Highlights

  • Warframe offers 53 Frames for competitive gameplay.
  • Frames are divided into themes such as Hunter, Sand Elemental, Archer, Manipulation, Gunslinger, Poison, Serpentine, etc.
  • Each Frame’s unique skills and moveset cater to specific themes, including damage dealing, healing, and crowd control.
  • Top-performing Frames that excel in overall performance are Mesa, Saryn, Octavia, Trinity, Nova, and Wisp.
  • Frames like Xaku, Nyx, Zephyr, and Grendel are challenging to master quickly and lack impressive offensive tactics.
  • Frames that excel in their domain while providing value across various situations rank higher in the tier list.
Tier List Frames Ranking Table
MaleInaros, Chroma, Volt, Wukong, Rhino, Nidus, Gauss, Nezha, Caliban, StyanaxBaruuk, Limbo, Oberon, Lavos, Harrow, Sevagoth, RevenantVauban, Nekros, Frost, Excalibur, Loki, AshHydroid, Atlas, KullervoGrendel
FemaleMesa, Saryn, Octavia, Trinity, Nova, WispIvara, Khora, Gara, Equinox, Voruna, Citrine,Mirage, Titania, Protea, Ember, GyreMag, Hildryn, Garuda, ValkyrBanshee, YareliNyx, Zephyr

Warframe Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick glance at the comparison between the Warframe Frames:

CharatcerTierGenderThemeSubsumed Ability
MesaSFemaleGunslingerShooting Gallery
SarynSFemaleDisease, Poison, SerpentineMolt
TrinitySFemaleHealerWell of Life
NovaSFemaleAntimatter ManipulationNull Star
WispSFemalePortal ManipulationBreach Surge
IvaraAFemaleArcher, Poison FrogQuiver
InarosAMaleMummy, Sand ElementalDesiccation
ChromaAMaleDragon, Elemental Power, HunterElemental Ward
KhoraAFemaleArachnid, Huntress & Companion, Metal ManipulationEnsnare
GaraAFemaleGlass, WarriorSpectrorage
WukongAMaleMonkey KingDefy
EquinoxAFemaleDuality, Day & NightRest and Rage
NidusAMaleInfestation, MutationLarva
GaussAMaleKinetic Energy, RunnerThermal Sunder
NezhaAMaleThird Lotus PrinceFire Walker
BaruukBMaleMonk, PacifistLull
MirageBFemaleHarlequin, IllusionistEclipse
OberonBMaleNature, PaladinSmite
HarrowBMaleMonastic, Void ManipulationCondemn
LavosBMaleAlchemy, SerpentineVial Rush
LimboBMaleMagician, Planes of ExistenceBanish
TitaniaBFemaleFairy QueenSpellbind
RevenantBMaleEidolon, VampirismReave
SevagothBMalePhantom, Reaper, Shadow ElementalGloom
EmberBFemaleFire ElementalFire Blast
ProteaBFemaleGadgetry, Time ManipulationDispensary
NekrosCMaleDarkness, NecromancyTerrify
VaubanCMaleCombat EngineerTesla Nervos
FrostCMaleIce ElementalIce Wave
HildrynCFemaleShield MaidenPillage
ExcaliburCMaleSwordsmanRadial Blind
ValkyrCFemaleBerserker, FelineWarcry
AshCMaleAssassin, NinjaShuriken
GarudaCFemaleBlood Manipulation, GoreBlood Altar
AtlasDMaleBrawler, Earth ElementalPetrify
BansheeDFemaleSound, Wailing SpiritSilence
HydroidDMalePirate, Water ElementalTempest Barrage
KullervoDMale Betrayal, Criminal, Daggered DaxWrathful Advance
XakuFAndrogynousBroken, Void ManipulationXata’s Whisper
GrendelFMaleGluttony, OniNourish
ZephyrFFemaleAir Elemental, AvianAirburst
NyxFFemalePsychicMind Control


All the frames mentioned in our S-tier are the best Warframes in offering various roles in the game. We have mentioned damage dealers, healers, and crowd-controlling frames in this list. If you have not unlocked these frames, we highly recommend investing your time in them.

Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (1)
MesaExcels in both close and ranged combat, making her a versatile damage dealer. Her abilities buff allies and disrupt enemies’ guns.
SarynSpecializes in inflicting various status effects on enemies, with abilities that apply corrosive, viral, and toxin status effects. Her passive extends the duration of these effects.
OctaviaUtilizes music-themed abilities to confuse enemies and distract them with her Resonator ability.
TrinityRenowned as the premier healer frame, providing direct healing to allies and channeling health from enemies to teammates.
NovaManipulates antimatter to confuse enemies and summon particles that seek nearby foes. Her Worm Hole ability provides strategic mobility.
WispWisp utilizes portals to evade or surprise enemies, creating doppelgangers with her Wil-O-Wisp ability to confuse foes and opening a portal with Sol Gate to unleash solar plasma energy and melt enemies.


All frames falling under our A-tier listing are near-to-perfect ones in the game. They are not the absolute best, but they will get the job done. Pick these frames, and you will never be disappointed while dominating enemies and bosses in Warframe.

Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (2)
IvaraAn adept archer, Ivara provides strategic advantage with four tactical arrows, including a cloak bubble for stealth.
InarosInaros deals damage and steals health from enemies while leaving them temporarily blind with his Desiccation ability.
ChromaChroma leads assaults with elemental power, cycling between Heat, Electricity, Toxin, and Cold buffs for offense and defense.
KhoraKhora deals massive damage with her whipclaw and loyal companion Venari, also possessing the ability to revive herself.
VoltVolt manipulates electricity for both offense and defense, stunning enemies with high-damage bursts and chaining electric shocks.
GaraGara wears glass armor to cut and blind enemies, using Shattered Glass to strike foes and Splinter Storm to fortify allies while damaging enemies.
WukongWukong controls crowds with his Celestial Twin ability, creating another version of himself, and is easily obtainable for quick gameplay.
RhinoRhino charges into enemies for impact damage and uses Iron Skin to absorb incoming damage for a short duration.
EquinoxEquinox’s abilities change between day and night forms, offering extra damage and speed in day form and crowd control in night form.
NidusNidus inflicts fungal infestation-oriented damage, perfect for crowd control and buffing allies, launching a fungal attack that staggers enemies.
GaussGauss manipulates kinetic energy, rushing through enemies for impact damage and absorbing elemental damage for offense and defense.
NezhaNezha controls fire-based attacks, dealing damage with Fire Walker and Blazing Chakram while forming defensive rings with Warding Halo.


The frames falling under our B-tier listing perform above average in Warframe. They are great at attacking, healing, and controlling the crowd. However, a few drawbacks are holding them down in the current game’s meta.

Still, they are an excellent pick for certain situations, and veteran Warframe players will know how to utilize their abilities in the field properly.

Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (3)
BaruukUtilizes Elude to dodge incoming shots when not attacking, and Lull to confuse enemies, putting them to sleep or disorienting them upon waking.
MirageReceives damage buffs in light, confuses enemies, and distracts them with Hall of Mirrors duplicates. Can unleash Prism to fire lasers randomly in all directions.
OberonFunctions as both an attacker and healer, projecting healing energy with Renewal, dealing area-of-effect damage with Smite, and sanctifying the ground with Hallowed Ground, inflicting radiation damage to enemies within the area.
HarrowBalances damage dealing with health regeneration, gaining boosts in fire rate and reload speed with Penance while converting damage struck on enemies into health for self and nearby allies.
LavosAttacks enemies with a serpentine strike using Ophidian Bite, grants healing, and dashes forward with incredible speed with Vial Rush, leaving an icy trail behind to damage enemies with a cold status effect.
LimboCasts rift energy to damage enemies slowly with Banish, and suspends or freezes enemies with Stasis, binding them by rift energy.
TitaniaApplies various debuffs on enemies and buffs allies for bonus damage with Tribute, cycling through four buff variations including the full moon buff that grants increased damage for a short duration.
RevenantConverts enemies into thralls with Enthral, controlling them until the duration of the spell expires.
SevagothSteals nearby enemies’ health by planting a death seed with Sow, detonating it to deal area-of-effect blast status effect damage with Gloom, slowing down all foes, stealing their health, and regenerating his own, while allies restore lost health by attacking nearby enemies.
EmberAssaults enemies using fire elemental-oriented tactics, setting targets ablaze with Fireball, protecting herself from incoming damage with Immolation, and performing area-of-effect attacks with Fire Blast.
ProteaGenerates orbs with Dispensary, requiring precise timing to deal damage effectively.


The frames belonging to our C-tier listing perform somewhat close to the B-tier frames. However, not all of them offer valuable tactical advantages while fighting enemies.

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Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (4)
CharacterWHY C TIER?
NekrosNekros masters necromancy, dealing damage with Soul Punch and terrorizing enemies with Terrify.
MagMag controls magnetism, pulling ranged targets closer with Pull, although her abilities cost significant energy.
VaubanVauban, a combat engineer, wreaks havoc on enemies with Photon Strike, dropping a beacon for high-power laser artillery strikes.
FrostFrost manipulates ice-based tactics, applying cold status damage with Freeze and dealing serious damage with Ice Wave.
HildrynHildryn conjures shields with Haven, steals enemy shields and armor with Pillage, and unleashes charged fire bolts with Balefire.
ExcaliburExcalibur dashes between enemies with Slash Dash, blinds them with Radial Blind, and deals damage with Radial Javelin.
LokiLoki specializes in decoy, deception, and trickery, lacking direct strategic advantage in draining enemy health.
ValkyrValkyr pulls enemies with Rip Line and uses Warcry to enhance offensive capabilities.
AshAsh assaults enemies with shuriken, escapes with a smoke bomb, and teleports to distant enemies to close the gap.
GarudaGaruda manipulates blood, regenerating energy with Bloodletting and stealing health to defend with Dread Mirror.


All the frames that come under the D-rank of our tier list perform below average in Warframe. They do not offer good enough offensive or defensive tactics while fighting enemies.

Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (5)
CharacterWHY D TIER?
AtlasMasters earth elemental tactics, summoning stone minions with Rumblers and defending himself with a stone wall.
BansheeUtilizes powerful sound waves, pushing enemies away with Sonic Boom and damaging nearby foes with concentrated sound energy from Sound Quake.
HydroidCommands water elemental attacks, unleashing an area-of-effect barrage with Tempest Barrage that deals extra damage when charged.
KullervoThe latest addition to Warframe, Kullervo wields sharp blades and possesses abilities like Wrathful Advance and Storm of Ukko, although his effectiveness compared to other frames is lacking.


All frames falling under our F-rank are the weakest frames in the game. They are challenging to play, and most of them do not even have decent offensive abilities. If you pick these frames while playing the game, you are guaranteed to struggle a lot while fighting enemies.

Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (6)
CharacterWHY F TIER?
XakuXaku’s void manipulation abilities are still underwhelming, wielding void damage from existing weapons with Xata’s Whisper.
GrendelA massive gluttonous frame, Grendel consumes enemies and spews them out to deal toxin damage, relying heavily on storing enemies in his gut for attacks like Regurgitate.
ZephyrZephyr utilizes air elemental tactics, hovering with Tail Wind and hurling dense air with Airburst, although her effectiveness in combat remains lacking.
NyxNyx employs psychic abilities to confuse enemies, controlling them with Mind Control and inducing chaos with Chaos, yet struggles to provide significant offensive or defensive support.
CalibanA formidable frame embodying both biological and Sentient characteristics, excelling in crowd control and survival but lacking significant offensive capabilities.
StyanaxArmed with spear and shield, Styanax fearlessly seeks out enemies, embodying the valor of ancient champions, yet his combat prowess falls short compared to other frames.
VorunaLeading a pack of loyal wolves, Voruna blends strength and stealth, instilling fear in foes, yet her combat effectiveness is limited, lacking significant offensive capabilities.
CitrineCitrine supports allies on the battlefield with her crystalline form, shining brightly like adamant amber, but her combat abilities are limited compared to higher-tier frames.
GyreGyre employs electrical coils and transmitters for crowd control, mesmerizing onlookers with her mechanized pirouette, yet her combat prowess is limited in comparison to other frames.
YareliYareli unleashes devastating aqueous attacks on the battlefield, dealing high damage, but her combat effectiveness remains questionable, lacking significant offensive capabilities.

How We Ranked

Over the last eight years, developers Digital Extremes released more frames to the game. They expanded the roster and strengthened the replay value of the game. With steady support from the developers since 2013, the fanbase of Warframe grew over time, and in 2019, it crossed 50 million.

The developers not just added more characters to Warframe but also introduced hundreds of new weapon arsenal as well. You may want to check our Warframe weapon tier list. It ranks all of the weapons you will come across while playing the game.

Our Warframe tier list is based on our experience with the game. We understand that our ranking may differ from yours, and the frames that we have placed in certain tiers may seem out of place for you. However, we tried to give justice to the best Warframes and also keep in mind which don’t enter that group yet.

The frames we listed in each tier ranking are based on the current meta. Please note that our categorization is based solely on our opinion of where each frame should fall in the tier list. Additionally, for each frame, we have provided a short description that highlights their best abilities.

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Whenever Warframe gets new frames, we will update our tier list. But till then, this list will do. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [With Comparison] (2024)


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